Free Under Sunlight White Mug Mockup PSD

Hi there lovely readers! We are back with yet another amazing blog of ours and we know that you are going to love it as we are about to share our free mug mock-up PSD with you guys. And of course, a few easy to follow and effective design tips to help you create stunning mug designs for yourself and for your client’s business.

But before we start talking about the actual thing, we would like to ask you guys a few questions. Like what attracts you in a mug that you want to get it for yourself? Is it the design or the words (if there are any) that make you want to spend your money on that very mug? Do you prefer to buy your mugs online or do you find it better to just go to your favorite store and get a mug or two in person?

We know that there are different shopping behaviors when it comes to buying something as personal as a mug because for one, it happens to contain the coffee that helps us staying up when we are trying super hard to get done with our assignment over the weekend or when it becomes handy to pour in the milkshake that we just made for ourselves and secondly; we happen to know many people who spend hours in getting that perfect mug for themselves as it not only complements their personality but it is one of the best companions when it comes to close or personal belongings.

So, when something is that close to someone, it is obvious that they would want it to be super perfect, right? And we know how to cater to that in style and that is why we have created this mug mockup PSD for you. It is not just free, but it is highly editable too and you are going to have a great time while working on anything that you plan on creating with this free mug mock-up PSD file.

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A great mug is not about the money but the aesthetic pleasure it is ready to give to the person who owns it. Like we have said that a mug is one of the very close items that a person has, a mug’s design has to speak to its person in a personal language too so much so that they would want to grab it and have it sit by their side no matter where they go – from their room’s side table to their office’s desk, there can be many places a person would want to place their favorite mug.

Now, if you would allow us to share what we have in mind when it comes to creating a mug design! As you know that mug designs could be extremely basic or detailed depending upon the needs & demands of a customer. If you are someone who runs an online store of designing mugs then you would definitely know how trends change within days – be it a t-shirt, a mug or a mobile phone cover, people want something new on a daily basis so, it is best to have the mock-ups created before hand and when there is a need of a specific design, you can simply put the mock-ups up your website or online store and have the items manufactured accordingly.

We always suggest our friends and readers to keep up with the latest trends that are making rounds over social media so, that you all know what your next steps must be. For example; you can see if there are any new seasons that are being watched by a majority of population around the globe or a new game that just got launched and almost everyone is playing it to pass their time, then there are other things happening as well like sports events, fashion shows, press conferences and so much more which give almost everyone a chance to come up with ideas using their creativity & design skills.

There are one liners and witty quotes that can make anyone’s day if written beautifully and placed artistically on a mug and you might want to see if your audience would like to have their mugs with a catchy phrase or a one liner. If we were to give suggestions, we would love to share how work related memes and quotes work best when it comes to mug designs or you can check out your options for the ones who love astrology and like to keep all things zodiac.

You can also check out how design elements and shapes will look like by creating mock-ups and of course, when it comes to branded mugs, then the rule of thumb is to pick a plain background and place the company’s or organization’s logo in the middle to give it a more corporate-ish look.

And that is all for today! We hope that you will enjoy reading our blog post and will also create amazing presentations using our free mug mock-up PSD. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below.

Free White Mug Mockup PSD

Free-Mug-Mockup-PSD-2 Free-Mug-Mockup-PSD

Available Format: Photoshop PSD
License: Free for personal and commercial usage
File Format: WinRAR
Mockup Resolution: 3200 x 2400 px

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