What is Generation Z’s Age range? Are we the one?

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We remember that when we were growing up, we did not get to hear a lot about the different generations that are there and how they operate in different scenarios for that matter. But with time and knowing that there are so many good and bad things happening around all of us more and more people have started to talk about those different generations, what they like and what they don’t like and how one must proceed with whatever they are doing to connect with the people of those generations for their personal and professional purposes, etc.

For example; if you are working with a creative agency that happens to manage the social media accounts for a couple of businesses, you would know how important it is for you to stay up to date with the ever-changing trends and then some more so that you can work on the content that will cater to the needs & demands of your target audience(s) which obviously are from the number of generations that are there. We would also like to touch base with brief introductions of the generations so that those of your guys who do not have much information about what we are talking about can get to know exactly what we are talking about. We want you guys to make sure that you all read the blog till the end to know more so that you can share the useful information from today’s blog within your personal and professional circles.



Generation Z / Gen Z

1997 – 2012

11 – 26


1981 – 1996

27 – 42

Gen X

1965 – 1980

43 – 58

Boomers II

1955 – 1964

59 – 68

Boomers I

1946 – 1954

69 – 77

Post War1928 – 1945

78 – 95

WWII1922 – 1927

96 – 101

Now, that we have mentioned the age range of Generation Z above, we would like to cater to the next part of our today’s topic and you can decide if you are from the same generation depending on how old you are.

generation z

The people who were born between 1997 to 2012 are also called “digital natives” as they were born literally in the world that had internet – in every sense of the word. These young people are smarter than we think that they are, they (somehow) already know how to operate smart devices and in addition to that, they are also ambitious and are aware of their rights in society too. We must mention here that this could be also because their parents are at the age of evolving themselves as well which means that Gen Z’s parents allow their kids to have exposure of all kinds. We are sure that you guys must have observed that in more developed countries, younger kids are also allowed to explore their sexual identities before they start identifying themselves with a particular gender.

Gen Z also does not allow others to exploit them and is good at making and protecting their boundaries. Since they have access to the internet, they are using social media to give a voice to themselves while also paving the way for their peers, etc. too. Lastly, Gen Z also happens to be money-driven but before you think negatively of them, know that Gen Z knows how to get things done in their unique ways.

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