Free Halloween 2013 Pumpkin PSD (Layered)

Halloween is just around the month, its howls can be heard right from the beginning of October, and people run to the nearby malls and marts to shop for Halloween Day. There are a lot of happenings associated with this event, we invite our relatives for a big feast where pumpkin cakes and puddings are served to them as a celebrated and lush meal, teenagers and kids go door to door to play trick or treat, people also participate in the slow, horrifying street walk where they are wearing creepy and weird clothes in their full peak. That’s what Halloween is all about; it is by far the top celebrated and most awaiting event of the year.

Pumpkins are the main assets of Halloween; they are used for wall decorum and for feasts as well. Today I am unleashing a Halloween post for you which is all about free Halloween 2013 pumpkin PSD. If you have been eyeing up to snatch the ideas of making Halloween greeting cards, buntings, wall hangings, indoor/outdoor décor, Halloween posters and flags, then this free PSD is all what you may find appropriate. Have a safe Halloween; don’t harm others for the sake of fun and enjoyment. Boo!

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Free Halloween 2013 Pumpkin PSD (Layered)


 Halloween Pumpkin PSD is free for commercial use: (Link back required)

 Download Pumpkin PSD 




220+ Free Best Halloween Pumpkin Carving Stencils Ever




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  1. sallyrocher Reply

    Hi there! Foremost thanks for the awesome freebies. Though, I have download this one and I cannot open it. I tried to open with Photoshop 7.0 and Adobe Illustrator CS2, PictureIt and nothing works. 🙁 The programs just tells me that the file is not a valid PSD. What to do? Can you please send me this file as a .eps or a nice xlarge
    transparent .png of this pumpkin so that I can use for my personal scrapbook page. I would truly appreciate it. Email me@: I will be awaiting your reply. Thanks for your time on this. Ciao and hugs. -Sally X

    • designbolts Reply

      No need to fight with the file anymore. I have just emailed you the Pumpkin PSD.

  2. sallyrocher Reply

    Oh, the file is
    Free Halloween 2013 Pumpkin PSD (Layered) – I cannot open it!
    Please can you suggest something…
    Please get back to me….thanks!

    • designbolts Reply

      Hi Sallyrocher, this is a zip file you have to first extract it and then open it in any photoshop you have. it is working fine at my end and i am not receiving any complaints from any of my visitor.

  3. sallyrocher Reply

    Hehehe Thanks for your emails…just I did extract it and tried to open with My Adobe Photoshop 7.0 program and this is what it says – error: could not open document (the name of the file) because it’s not the right document. Then I tried to open with my Abobe Illustrator CS2 and the – error is: the file (the name of the file) is in a unknown format and cannot be opened. Even when I download the .zip file when I extract it tells me that the .zip file it’s split somehow…perhaps that’s why the file is corrupted can that be? I have download the file three times to be sure that it downloads the whole thing and when I extract it it gives me the same thing..there’s a file but a unknown file that doesn’t seem to be a valid PSD graphic. My programs do not read it. I hope I have explained my ‘ethical dilemma’. LOL What to do? Okay anyways would you be kind enough to make me a xxlarge transparent file in .png format? Not too much trouble? Hehe Again thanks for your time on this. If you cannot then it’s okay..I will try to find something else. Love ya. -Sally X

    • designbolts Reply

      I have just installed PS CS2 just for you to check that my file is working on CS2 or not and boom it worked. Opened it perfectly. There must be a Genie in you PS.:D

      • sallyrocher Reply

        Oh my oh my, you didn’t have to do that! Hehehe
        A genie you say [not] PS meaning??? Did you mean PC? LOL
        Now you got me with abbreviations.
        So you know my PC is more like “evil possession & possessed” I need a new one with actually a gentile genie who will grant me more-to-date software and what not. LOL Thanks again. -SallyX

  4. sallyrocher Reply

    I guess you will have to put up with me! LOL LOL I make up for the comments that others don’t…*wink
    You said: No need to fight with the file anymore. I have just emailed you the Pumpkin PSD
    Reply: I did not receive it..did you forget to attach it? Did you send me another email with the file or? I keep checking my email… *grins

    • designbolts Reply

      Wait now i am going to send you the high res PNG. I hope that will end the story. 😀

      • sallyrocher Reply

        Got it…thanks dear! -Sally X

  5. sallyrocher Reply

    Okay I have download it again…and now it seems the .zip file is fine! Ahhhhh I finally opened it. WOW..great! I’m happy now. I don’t know if you have done anything from your part but I still want to thank you. MANY THANKS!!!!
    Have a g’day and by the way “Happy Thanksgiving on Oct. 14th” if you liive in Canada that is. Awesome FREEBIES & keep up the great works. Ciao *Hugs
    -Sally X

    • designbolts Reply

      That is a relief. I have also send you the High Res PNG. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Have a nice day. Enjoy 🙂

      • sallyrocher Reply

        Hey you my friend, this definitely beats facebook trend, for I do not interact in facebook so you’re it! Hehe (wink) I have received the xlarge .png…thank you so much for taking the time to do so. Now, I can finally play with it. Can’t wait – to use it in my scrapping page. Halloween is coming up so it will come in handy. I so love your site for these awesome vectors. The quality & design – top quality. Love it 2 pieces. Thanks dear and have a great THANKS/holiday, eat drink & be merry :-). Just keep your eye on that turkey, he might fly the coop/pan and roast you instead. LOL LOL Ciao babes, -Sally X

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