Buying Guide of Calligraphy Writing & Hand Lettering Pens & Markers

Being a typography designer, hand letterer or calligrapher you should know the best tools available in the market. Here I am talking about all range of pens & markers that have been constantly used by the famous artists and how you can achieve the same skill with practice. I am covering an ultimate buying guide of all kinds of calligraphy writing pens as well as hand lettering pens & markers that have been used in recent times. Along with it, I will also be sharing with you all; the examples and tutorials so you can start implementing whatever you are supposed to try at first.

Nowadays, it is rather easy to become a self taught artist as we have a lot of online platforms and websites that offer free learning. Youtube is one of them. So lets get started!

1. Flat C-0 Speedball Pen // Pilot Parallel Pen



There are a number of pens available to write this kind of lettering style but the most commonly used and recommended pens for that are pilot parallel pens. You can get the same result from Speedball (C-0) Dip Nib Pen and Holder. The difference between Pilot parallel Pen and Speedball Dip Pen is minimal. Pilot parallel Pen releases constant ink so the letters look more accurate & crisp as compared to Speedball Dip Pen. You have to practice a lot and get used to it while using a dip pens because at times it gives ink blots and dries up the nib quickly.

  1. Buy Pilot Parallel Pen, Notepad and Ink Cartridges
  2. Buy Speedball 6-Nib Calligraphy Lettering Set & Lettering Pad 9″x12″
  3. Buy Speedball Calligraphy Ink Palette Kit
  4. Buy Speedball Flat Pen Nibs C-0, C-1 pack
  5. Best Book to Start Hand Lettering


Blackletter Writing Guide to get you started



Example of Alphabets



Follow Jackson Alves Videos if you want to learn this style and do checkout youtube for more lessons and tutorials


2. Tombow Brush Pen // Pentel Fude Brush Pen // Sakura Koi Brush Pen

Tombow-Brush-Pen Pentel-Fude-Brush-Pen Sakura-Koi-Brush-Pen

There are basically three types of brush tips: natural hair made from weasel; synthetic hair made from nylon and felt.

Felt is a harder tip, if you have just started to learn brush pen lettering then use ‘felt’ and later on learn from synthetic hair pen which requires regular practice. Sharisse has a wonderful website “pieces calligraphy” she teaches brush pen lettering. I absolutely love her tutorials.  I have mentioned all the famous brands of brush pen right here that you can buy but I would recommend Tombow and Kuretake the most.

  1. Buy Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers,96 Color Set with Desk Stand
  2. Pentel Fude Brush Pen
  3. Pentel Water Brush
  4. Sakura Koi Water Color Brush Pen
  5. Akashiya Fude Brush Pen
  6. Kuretake Fude Real Brush Pen Set
  7. Copic markers
  8. Sakura 11 Pcs Pigment Liner


Beautiful Examples of Brush Pen Lettering

Brush-Pens-examples Brush-Pens-examples-2Brush-Pens-examples-3


Follow Ian Barnard for more Lettering videos


3. Crayola Broad Line Markers

At first, Crayola was not much fond of but an artist David Milan has taken it to the next level. It is now being implied by the professionals who are giving it new dimensions. We should not forget acknowledging the efforts of David because he has initiated Crayola lettering and his innovation in lettering styles is highly appreciated on behance. Crayola has been now used for logotypes.

Buy Crayola 64 Count Broad Line Markers

Crayola Markers Examples

Crayola-Brush-Lettering-Examples Crayola-Brush-Lettering-Examples-2 Crayola-Brush-Lettering-Examples-3


4. Copperplate Oblique Pen


If you are supposed to write on wedding cards, birthday cards, love greeting cards then copperplate oblique pen will help you doing script lettering that gives a very sleek and delicate look to the words. This oblique pen makes lettering elegant and sophisticated.

If you’re a newbie then buy speedball oblique pen for practice and once you get enough of the skill then you can switch to custom made oblique holders from Yolk Pen Company.

  1. Speedball Oblique Pen Set
  2. William Mitchell Calligraphy Oblique Pen
  3. YokePen Oblique Pen
  4. Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit
  5. Little Cheap Oblique Pen
  6. Best Pelican Ink for Dip Oblique Pen


Examples of Oblique Pen Lettering






Copperplate Calligraphy Video


5. Leonardt Poster Nibs & Scroll Nibs


Leonardth Poster Nib is used for bold writing, headings, decorative footers and headers. Scroll nibs are used for shadowing as well as decorating lettering designs. You can also check out all the nibs from Leonardth

  1. Buy Leonardt Scroll Nibs
  2. Manuscript Leonardt Italic & Poster Nib Set
  3. Buy the Leonardt nibs

Nib Leonardt P8 with Water and India ink


6. Automatic pens


Automatic Pens are made in England and they are of a great quality which makes them different from other type of pens. There are thirteen pens in the range; plain pens from 1/16″ to 1″; border pens from 1/8″ to 1/2″ and the 5 line 1/2″ Music Ruler. The pens can be used with all inks, dyes and gouache. The nibs of Automatic pens are made from non-rust nickel silver. These pens are used for border decorations and a must have for all letterers.

  1. Buy Automatic Pens (1-5)
  2. Buy Automatic Pens (6-10)

Automatic Pen Demonstration


7. Posterman Biggie Marker 50mm


If you are up to do lettering on the posters to write beautiful sayings, words of wisdom or for custom lettering, this posterman biggie marker is the best choice to pick. Copic wide is another option to go about for bold lettering.

  1. Zig 50mm Posterman Biggie Tip Marker, Black
  2. Zig 30mm Wide Posterman Biggie Tip Wet Wipe Marker, Black
  3. Zig Posterman Wet-Wipe BIGGIE 30mm Black Paint Markers
  4. Copic Wide Markers-Black

I hope this long variety of lettering pens will make you know what pens you need to get for different sort of lettering styles. For learners and beginners it nevertheless can be a good buying guide.


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