25 Scary Happy Halloween 2021 Facebook Timeline Cover Photos & Images

Hi there everybody! We are so happy to be back with yet another super awesome blog of ours and we can bet that you all are going to love it as much as we do because well, it focuses on Halloween and how great your day and celebrations, in general, can be if you have planned everything way before time so, let’s dive right into it.

We have been sharing designs and content for several years now and what makes us happy is the fact that you guys not only try out whatever we share here but you also make sure that you are sharing the information and tips & tricks with your friends, family members and colleagues as well. So, in order to help you guys stay ahead of your social media game around Halloween this year, we decided to create not just 10 or 15 but 25 scary Happy Halloween Facebook Timeline Cover Photos and images.

Before we start sharing what we have created for you guys, we would like to share the basics first for those of you who might get inspired and want to create something for themselves or for their client etc. so, here it goes: For a personal account’s Cover Photo or Timeline for that matter, the standard size is 820 pixels wide and 312 pixels height. Business accounts have a size of (940 x 350 px) If you are uploading an image that is of high resolution and has been designed by following the dimensions correctly then you will see how perfectly it sits on your Facebook but of course, if the dimensions etc. are not followed properly, then there are chances of your images getting pixelated and we are sure that you would not want that to happen, right?

Another thing that a lot of people tend to not pay attention to is the fact that Facebook Cover Photos are not mobile-friendly. Want to know what that means? Keep on reading this blog so that you can fix the issue while you are at it. We can bet that you must have seen Facebook Cover Photos that are cropped out on your mobile screens while they look full on desktops etc. Do you know why that happens? Because the images that are created do not complement the size and dimensions and so it happens.

And maybe it’s forgivable when that happens on a person’s Timeline, you know. But you must be super careful if you are running Facebook Pages because those cropped-out images do not leave a really nice impression on the people who are interacting with you through their mobile phones. We might as well say this here to make more sense that this is the main reason why you must always follow the dimensions that are there so that you are safe. This is public information and you can get your hands on all types of sizes in the form of cheat sheets on Google for literally every social media platform that exists. Okay so, this information was for those who might be planning to create something by themselves in the future or whenever they want to be imaginative now, let’s talk about the real thing.

Whenever an occasion is celebrated, we always think of ideas that we can execute on the ground, like parties at the house, offices, stores, and shops or maybe on the roads too but what we often forget is the fact that everything needs to be covering all fronts, you know. For example; if there is Valentine’s Day, there is no harm in uploading a really cute maybe a little cheesy Cover Photo of you and your loved one standing or sitting at a beautiful place with a quote that you love that also revolves around the idea of being kind or anything that you like. The same goes for Halloween nights too because when you do upload such images; you actually expand the circle of celebrating the day or night with your social media friends as well.

You could not or cannot invite someone over for a party, that’s alright because, through your well-thought images and Cover Photos, you are reaching out to them to celebrate the occasion, festival, and other special days with you. Everyone gets a chance to reconnect with their long-forgotten friends, ex-colleagues, etc., and even neighbors too and we think that if you do get a chance to get back to people who were a part of your life during a certain stage, then it should be celebrated as well.

We can bet that you will love our 25 scary Happy Halloween 2021 Facebook Timeline Cover Photos and images. So, why don’t you guys download them right away? Go through these images, pick the ones that you are going to be uploading already and share the blog with your friends and family too.

25 Scary Happy Halloween 2021 Facebook Timeline Cover Photos & Images

2021-Pumpkin-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Black-Raven-Halloween-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo-2021 Get Your Witchy On-house-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo-2021 Ghost-Pumpkin-Bats-Halloween-2021-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Halloween-2021-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Halloween-Bats-2021-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Halloween-Greetings-2021-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Halloween-Pumpkin-2021-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Halloween-Pumpkins-2021-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Halloween-Witch-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo-2021 Happy-Halloween-2021-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Haunted-House-Blue-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo-2021 Haunted-House-Scary-Halloween-2021-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Jack-O-Lantern-2021-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo-HD Jackolantern-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo-2021 Jack-o-lanterns-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo-2021 Owl-Bat-Pumpkin-RIP-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Pumpkin-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo-2021 Scary-Bats-Halloween-2021-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Scary-Ghost-Halloween-2021-Boo-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Scary-Halloween-2021-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Scary-Night-Halloween-2021-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo-with-bats Spooky-Pumpkin-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo-2021 Witch-Holding-Pumpkin-Halloween-2021-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Witch-Illustrations-Halloween-2021-Facebook Timeline Cover Photo



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