Free iPad Pro Mockup PSD

Hi everyone! We hope that you all are well and are also having a great time reading our blogs and making the most of them too for your personal and commercial projects. For today’s blog, we have created this free iPad Pro mock-up PSD file and we can’t wait to share how you can utilize it for your upcoming projects, etc. but before doing that, we would like to take a moment to thank you for your constant support and love that you shower us with and for always making sure that you are sharing our blogs within your personal and professional circles. And we would love to see more of that happening in the future too.

Okay so, first things first; we are sure that you guys have gotten yourselves familiarized with the Apple iPad Pro but through our blog, we would like you all to let your creative juices flow in the right directions – allowing you to think outside the box and work on ideas that will prove to be beneficial for the current and next generations. And that includes great apps, stunning backgrounds as well as games and other useful content & activities that can help your target audiences learn and grow academically as well as professionally and if we are being honest, we would like you all to know that is not something too hard to achieve.

For example; the Apple iPad Pro is supercharged by the M2 chip which means the device is fully capable of providing you with next-generation performance. But there is more to it as the iPad Pro has a 12.9” Liquid Retina XDR display to offer – making everything appear to be the best and the brightest so if you are working on an idea that would look perfectly great on a device that has a true to life like display, then here is your chance to turn your concept into reality and we are sure that you won’t regret doing that because not only will your team members or clients will be impressed but you would also know that you have created something that will be remembered in years to come. And who doesn’t wish to work on a powerful idea or two, hmm!?

Now, let’s talk about the camera – also our favorite system in any device that is there! 😉 As far as the front camera is concerned, Apple iPad Pro offers an Ultra Wide camera with a 12MP sensor and a 122‑degree field of view; perfect for clicking photos and making videos for your digital and social media platforms as well as for FaceTime calls and if you are someone who wants to take portrait selfies, then you will get them too with one simple click. Keeping the awesomeness of the front camera system in mind, you have a room big enough to think of amazing editing apps for both photos and videos that you can work on and launch for your target audiences to install and start doing their thing.

The rear cameras are just as good as the Pro cameras which are Advanced Wide and Ultra Wide. And what if we told you that they are supported with ProRes video capture as well which will make it easier for the users to not only make videos but edit them too allowing them to enjoy a complete mobile video studio!? Doesn’t that sound more than just fun?

For the connectivity, the iPad Pro are super portable with Wi-Fi 6E and 5G and do you want to know what that means when it runs on an M2 chip? Well, one of the best things about such fast Wi-Fi and cellular options paired with next-level processors is that your apps, games and other content will load within seconds without impacting the productivity of the users and they will be able to get done and over with things like a Pro!

That is all for today, guys! If you had a nice time reading this blog, then don’t forget to let us know how you are planning to initiate your creative thinking and design processes with your team members. Also, while you are at it, we would like you all to share this blog with your graphic designer and developer friends, family members who happen to own a business of customized products as well as with your favorite colleagues so that they can work on their unique ideas and grow in 2024 and beyond. Oh, and we also want you guys to send in your special requests so that we can start working on them and be back here super soon with your requested content and more.

Until next time, keep reading our blogs and encouraging us to create the content that we love to create.

Free iPad Pro Mockup PSD


Available Format: Photoshop PSD
License: Free for personal and commercial usage
File Format: WinRAR
Mock-up Resolution: 4000 x 3000 px
Created by Zee Que |

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