DAY DREAMER | Coffee Brand Identity Design for Inspiration

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If you guys have been reading our blogs in the past then we are sure that you must have also read almost all the blogs that talk about brand identity designs. However, our today’s blog is special because it features a coffee brand identity design for inspiration and we are sure that you are going to love reading it too.

Okay so, the brand’s name is DAY DREAMER and we are sold on the name because who wouldn’t want to have their hands on a mug of coffee and maybe also daydream while they are at it, you know? 😉 Anyways, let’s have a look at what DAY DREAMER’s branding is all about!

When you hear the word ‘coffee’, you instantly think of a hot drink that can wake your brain and let you do your things your way, right? But DAY DREAMER coffee is more than just that. For example; the brand has positioned itself as a ‘tree’ that acts as a carrier and is responsible for creating an emotional connection between the consumer and the coffee farms. Now, who are these consumers and why do they need to be connected to something that natural? Well, allow us to share with you guys that the brand sees its target audience as a group of people who need to get a break from the concrete jungle.

These people can be the ones who live in cities and are almost always busy with their personal and professional lives but still lack that sense of peace. But do they need to get away from their regular life and allow themselves to be in a natural environment? Umm, yes. And here is why: we know and completely understand that we use the word ‘workaholic’ as something that is positive and all. Unfortunately, that is not the case because we don’t know who is overworked these days but won’t say that out loud only since they are workaholics. When something like that happens, there are only a handful of brands, their products and services that can let those people be comfortable in their skin. And it is safe to say that DAY DREAMER has quite successfully achieved that goal.

Let’s dive deep into the brand identity design to understand it better! When you look at the logo design, you will notice a farm-style visual element that happens to create the emotional connection that we mentioned earlier in the blog. In addition to that, the brand identity design is based on the theme of ‘human sentiment’; allowing handwritten and handcrafted design elements into the brand identity.

In addition to that, the brand has gone ahead to follow the deindustrialized’ approach that is subtle, welcoming and is not associated with the plasticity of all that we have to endure in our daily lives. So, when you have a product packaged with such creativity and thoughtfulness, you would like to pause the oh-so-busy life that you are living and instantly transition to a world that’s simple and peaceful. You must be wondering that can only happen when you are daydreaming, right? Well, that is exactly what we meant at the beginning of our blog. So by keeping in mind the creative thought process of DAY DREAMER, we encourage you guys to work on your packaging designs in the near future.

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DAY DREAMER | Coffee Brand Identity Design for Inspiration

Coffee Brand Identity Design for Inspiration

Coffee Brand Identity Design for Inspiration Coffee Brand Identity Design for Inspiration



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