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45 Crazy Typography Posters & Illustrations by Ian Jepson | Artist of the Year 2014

A designer should design not for the sake of designing but for the passion of designing. When the job

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Art has the aspects of beauty and nature. Each one of these elements adds to the truthfulness & ingenuity

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Hard-work always counts no matter how much time it takes, eventually the triumph is yours when you put your

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If a designer is stuck up in a situation where he feels totally confused, out of the track, hooked

65+ Motivational and Inspirational Hand Lettering Quotes by Ian Barnard

Art has beauty of its own; it never fades away even after years the freshness and rawness remain behind.

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The field of designing is vast than a mighty ocean because once an artist is plunged into it, there

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 Art and design field has a lot to do with creativity and innovation. Every designer who keeps skill and

Beautiful Pixar Animation Lettering Series by Risa Rodil

Colors have a vital role to play, a dull and dim thing does not look nice and appealing to

My Most Favorite 30 Inspirational Typography Quotes For Graphic Designers

Designers are to confront challenging tasks every single day, no matter how much they are burdened with pursuits of

Stay Motivated with the Beautiful Chalkboard Typography by Dangerdust

Sometimes we feel down and dejected waiting for the light that is on the other side of the dark