Things To Know “How To Make Your Macro Photography Something Different”

Camera is a gadget through which we can take image and store the images in the memory so that we can remember our past moments and past histories by viewing this images. Camera is a very useful thing for our daily life also. We can take different clicks with the camera with different exposure, style, different zooms etc. “Macro” is indicating that “super close up” photography of an object or other things. Technically, “macro” means a photographic setup which is capable of reproducing something on the sensor at or larger than its original size. When we make the image larger than its original size it looks more clear and we can find the differences easily. In modern cameras like Nikon, Sony, Canon, Samsung etc. all are available with various features, zooms, lenses like SLR or other in the market. All cameras support Macro image even of a small creature. Actually macro refers that how close we can reach to an object, it may an ant, a spider or spider web, a mosquito or a tiny flower.

Some Amazing Examples of Macro Photography

Diamond Ring Macro Photography

Image Courtesy of shutterstock: Diamond Gold Rings



Fly Extreme Macro Shot

Image Courtesy of deviantart: Hydrophile II



Frog embryos, 3 days old

Image Courtesy of deviantart: Caviar



Dancing Queen mantis macro photography

Image Courtesy of deviantart: Dancing Queen



Eye Makeup Close up Photography

Image Courtesy of shutterstock: Eye makeup



Lion Macro Photography

Image Courtesy of shutterstock: Lion



Flower Head Macro Shot

Image Courtesy of shutterstock: Macro shot of flower head



Red Rose Macro Photography

Image Courtesy of shutterstock: Red Roses



Owl Macro Photography

Image Courtesy of shutterstock: African Spotted Eagle Owl



A Large Black Spider Macro Shot

Image Courtesy of shutterstock: Black Spider



Spider Web Macro Photography

Image Courtesy of shutterstock: Spider Web



Lady Bird & Macro Flower Photography

Image Courtesy of shutterstock: Lady Bird with Cherry Blossom Plant


Macro image clicking is not so tough, just need to more close with the lens to the object. To take the macro image 1st we have to put the camera in the macro mode.

A good macro photography depends on the distance between the object and the camera lens that is called focus distance. A photographer must have to follow some simple rules to take a great and attractive shot. These are listed below:

1. Do not get too close to the object

We have to maintain a minimum distance between the lens and the subject matter, otherwise the image will be hazy or not clear or transparent.

Image Courtesy of shutterstock: Butterfly feeding on a flower



2. Lenses

Always try to use some good quality SLR lenses like Nikon, Canon etc. Some high quality lenses can be obtained from the following websites.







3. Move The Object Not The Camera

Suppose you want to take macro of a rose. But it is not clearly set up with your camera lens. Then try to fix your camera and move the object to the camera lens for a better shot.

Image Courtesy of shutterstock: Photographer, Macro Photographer



4. Do not block the light sources to the object

Light is the only thing that controls the quality of an image. But in macro photography we will be close to the object. Sometimes it blocks the light to the object, make the object dark. So try to fall as much light as possible and take a clean shot.

Image Courtesy of shutterstock: Young girl taking macro photosmacro butterfly



5. Use shallow depth of field to add interest to your photo

 A shallow depth of field is nothing but a combination of focal length, aperture, and distance to the subject that we want to click. since the closer you are to the focused area from the camera, the shallower the depth of field to enhance the photograph in a great quality.

Some Examples of Depth of filed photography

Image Courtesy of deviantart: BenoitPaille



Colors in darkness | Depth of field photography

Image Courtesy of deviantart: Healzo



Depth of field Flower Photography

Image Courtesy of shutterstock: Pink tulip Photo



Shallow Depth of Field Photography

Image Courtesy of shutterstock: Bridal bouquet on bench



6. Background and surroundings

 The main thing that justify your image attraction and the quality is the backgrounds and its surroundings. Better the background it will attract more people.



Dart in bulls eye of dartboard

Image Courtesy of shutterstock: Dart image



Blue Christmas balls with Bokey Backround

Image Courtesy of shutterstock: Christmas Bauble



Butterfly macro photography with green background

Image Courtesy of shutterstock: Little colorful butterfly


But we have to remember that the quality of an image is totally depends on the view and thought of the photographers. More you will think, you will invent more.

Feature Image Courtesy of shutterstock: Butterfly

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