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There is quite a monotony we experience each day, waking up with scattered hair, lethargic stature and hassle to go to the workplace or institution, it seems as if there is no charm left, we need a kick-start, a big brainstorming in order to boost up the low energies so we do not get bore and tattered. It is the time to “get a life” and stop acting so lame. Our everyday should be a new beginning with new hopes, new ambitions and new skylines.

My today’s post is about an app naming, “Do Something Good”. This iPhone app is beautifully designed to make us know ‘what are the things that can be done’ in order to bring a sheer ‘spark’ in day-to-day life. It is about thinking and doing something out of the box, something that keeps us energetic, happy, and uplifting to make us avoid getting defused.

The app “Do Something Good” is pretty colorful that alludes its users to eradicate there life’s complexity and live a simply life with “total fun”. Do the things that make you feel “up” and “happy” after doing it. We are totally messed up with a 24 hours job, whether it’s a woman’s household or a man in his office, their life is stuck like a foot in the muddle. There are many a things we used to do back in the days but due to workload with the passage of time, happy things went to ashes and got dissolved in the air.

This fun app works like a magic, it would bring back the “happy hours” and we will feel an urge to do the things that “please” us. It consists of two categories, one is for “human” that would be chosen by most of us of course who are not much immersed in the works, the other is dedicated to “workaholics” who are all the time gripped in their routine works.

The application, “Do Something Good” offers you plenty of options just like writing a letter to a distant friend to make him feel remembered, grabbing a coffee with a close friend, to cook delicious dishes, hanging out on your little ride, cleaning your desk, to stay happy and healthy, playing outdoors, to be more organized and things like that. It will for sure give you a ‘happy time’ slogging through also you will have quite as many ideas ‘what to do’ that would cast joy upon you. Have a look!

Do Something Good iPhone App Design Inspiration

























Design by Shadman Ahmed

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