How to Keep Your Creativity Flowing | Infographics 2014

Do not sit like an idle and waste your time, “time & tide wait for none”, the moment which is given today, would evaporate in the next instant, so use it in every way possible who knows it would last forever or take a minute to pop up like a bubble? For all the creative professionals, motivation and a driving force is as mandatory as water to the soil. You can never get away from the monotonous routine tasks if you don’t shake yourself up for something new and exciting. Only the dead is free, sleeping with no activity in the mind, but living beings have to stir up, when the going gets tough the tough gets going.

Light up the bulbs of your brains with new books to open up to new vistas, so your thoughts would take a firm form and concrete foothold. By reading more and more books, ideas come to life, brain is forced to think and when it thinks it creates, when brain starts to create that’s when its productivity comes into existence.

Do crazy and fun stuff to make up your mood just like doodling random things, “not forcing the pen” but letting it flow wherever it goes. It gives brain a sense of relief and pleasure. It is a mental relaxation activity too.

There should always be having a sense of fulfillment in life, take out your ride and go finding new places, visit new skylines and travel to the places you have never been before. Socialize with people; make yourself aware of the whereabouts, go for an exciting hobby, listen to different genres of music to heal your desolate & desperate soul.

Accept the reality and don’t close your eyes on truths, try various flavors of ice cream and decide what suits your taste buds, give yourself a treat every day and have a total confidence in yourself that whatever you do, you do it not for the sake of just doing it, but you do it for your own happiness, for the sense of fulfillment and for the sense of pleasure. Enjoy the beauty around you, learn to appreciate things and always have an open heart to accept compliments.

Take chances, risks, accept challenges, dream high to achieve high, make new aims and follow them, chase stars and do what pleases your mind. I am sure these healthy activities would make you a person having strength, mental capabilities, more imaginative, raw thinker and more open to the creative elements that you must learn and acquire in your life for personal & professional prospects. Check out this post of how to keep your creativity flowing, the Infographics of 2014. I hope it will give you a true brainstorming and a quick boost. Have a look!



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