Uninspirational Quotes | A Great 2019 Calendar Idea for Lazy Lad

Are you one of those people who don’t want to see happy, motivational quotes all the time? Well, we know that we are not the only ones. So, here is what happened – some Instagrammer created an account and dedicated it to un-inspirational quotes. The most amazing thing about this account is that it has more than 600k followers because the content is hilarious and you don’t get bored of it – at all. Oh, and if you think the content is going to encourage you or to motivate you to get things done, it won’t do that. Almost all the un-inspirational quotes are the reality checks that we need to realize that there is more to life than just getting work done.

If you are a lazy person then this quote is just for you – “It’s never too late to go back to bed.” Well, we all know that they don’t stop saying the ‘Early to bed, early to rise…’ thing to us so that we get a hold of ourselves as well as have a good sleep but it is also okay to feel a little less robotic and enjoy the wee-hours of the day by just staying up. And if you are lazier than the rest of us then you might want to get this quote printed on something for you. We know that there are people who think following accounts that post inspirational quotes can take them to places but that is so not the case. You gotta act and move in order to go live and survive because “Looking at inspirational quotes to feel better is like looking at a treadmill to lose weight.” And we all know that it doesn’t work that way. We also that people now love animals more than they love other people. It is not a very happy thing to be honest because you know “When a dog lays on the floor all day, it’s adorable but when I do it, “I’m depressed”. We all know it is not a crime to feel lazy at times.

A lot of us are told to watch our calories but how about “…eating like no one is going to watch us naked”, hmm? It is quite funny how we know that the majority on Instagram is not posting about the actual life they are living but we still follow them to know what they are up to, right? And this is exactly the reason of the quotes goes like this: “Instagram is a great place to look at pictures of the fake lives of all the people you hate.” Not just that, the unknown Instagrammer also quotes famous people from the history who didn’t even state any of those things but it just adds more fun to the uninspirational quotes. For instance; there is a quote that goes by the name of Gandhi and it is “If you put an inspirational quote under your selfie no one can see your narcissism.”

A relationship quote goes like “Relationships are like fine wine. They’re expensive and eventually you just end up with a headache.” The person has warned you guys. Oh, and we’re aware of the fact that you hate Mondays and guess what? “Monday hates you too.” Plain & simple. How many of us just forget to text back to people? It can be embarrassing so here is what you can do to make things right with light humor. Just share this quote with the person, “I’m sorry I didn’t text you back. It’s just because of some excuse I’m trying to make up right now.”

Well, there are many other quotes out there posted on the account which are witty and quite frankly, hilarious. We love how people are creative with the words and gain attention and followers just like that.

Un-inspirational Quotes | A Great 2019 Calendar Idea for Lazy Lad



































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