100 Inspirational Quotes from Famous Business Professionals

Even the best of us need inspiration and motivation to get going because there are times when we feel blue, when the world turns grey to us, when nothing goes right, when anything we do eventually ends up being a failure. It so happens because to ‘err is human’, nothing can ever go perfect because life is an ‘ebb and flow’ of hardships and struggles, of hard work and strife.

We really have to pull up our socks in order to prove ourselves. Even a skilled person sometimes gets withered away if he does not utilize his skill for long. Everything needs practice and when you stop doing it, it eventually fades away. Life is a name of fight and in order to demonstrate yourself you must know your value, you must have the clue what you are good at, where you need excellence, where you need to be adapted and improved.

Well words of wisdom surely help a lot if we look up to the words of elderly people they are moralistic and make us know the reality of life. It is really important to open eyes and see the wider picture. Grass is greener on the other side of the ground so think positive and keep going without stopping. Today I tried to put together a motivational post, here I have 100 inspirational quotes from famous business professionals that will let you know how these people grew to be efficacious.

You know, they are not born with golden spoons, they have worked really hard for the cause, they have learnt from trial and error and therefore it turned out to be stupendous. Now people follow suit and like to trail at their footsteps. So have a look at the collection of quotes you can also share them with your friends on the social media and I know they will be inspired by these too.

Stay hooked because we have more coming your way, each day!

Credits: Funding Circle & illustrator Jordi Machi

100 Inspirational Quotes from Famous Business Professionals

Alexander-McQueen-Inspirational-Quote Amancio-Ortega-Inspirational-Quote Angela-Ahrendts-Inspirational-Quote Anita-Roddick-Inspirational-Quote Anna-Wintour-Inspirational-Quote

Anne-F-Beiler-Inspirational-Quote Arianna-Huffington-Inspirational-Quote Aristotle-Onassis-Inspirational-Quote Bernard-Arnault-Inspirational-Quote Beth-Brooke-Inspirational-Quote Bill-Gates-Inspirational-Quote Carlos-Slim-Inspirational-Quote Charles-Darwin-Inspirational-Quote Charles-Wilson-Inspirational-Quote Cher-Wang-Inspirational-Quote Chris-Gardner-Inspirational-Quote Coco-Chanel-Inspirational-Quote Colonel-Sanders-Inspirational-Quote Conrad-Hilton-Inspirational-Quote Daniel-Ek-Inspirational-Quote David-Ogilvy-Inspirational-Quote Denise-Morrison-Inspirational-Quote Dietrich-Mateschitz-Inspirational-Quote Dr-Dre-Inspirational-Quote Drew-Houston-Inspirational-Quote Enzo-Ferrari-Inspirational-Quote Eo-Bernet-Inspirational-Quote Estee-Lauder-Inspirational-Quote Florence-Nightingale-Graham-Inspirational-Quote Forrest-Mars-Sr-Inspirational-Quote Fred-Smith-Inspirational-Quote George-Lucas-Inspirational-Quote Gianni-Versace-Inspirational-Quote Ginni-Rometty-Inspirational-Quote Gordon-Ramsay-Inspirational-Quote Guy-Kawasaki-Inspirational-Quote Helena-Rubinstein-Inspirational-Quote Henry-Ford-Inspirational-Quote Henry-J.-Heinz-Inspirational-Quote Howard-Schultz-Inspirational-Quote Indra-Nooyi-Inspirational-Quote Irene-Rosenfeld-Inspirational-Quote Jack-Dorsey-Inspirational-Quote Jack-Ma-Inspirational-Quote Jack-Welch-Inspirational-Quote Jamie-Oliver-Inspirational-Quote Jeff-Bezos-Inspirational-Quote Jennifer-Lopez-Inspirational-Quote Jerry-Yang-Inspirational-Quote J-K-Rowling-Inspirational-Quote John-D-Rockefeller-Inspirational-Quote John-Maynard-Keynes-Inspirational-Quote Jorge-Paulo-Lemann-Inspirational-Quote J-P-Morgan-Inspirational-Quote J-R-D-Tata-Inspirational-Quote Katharine-Graham-Inspirational-Quote Kevin-Systrom-Inspirational-Quote Konosuke-Matsushita-Inspirational-Quote Lakshmi-Mittal-Inspirational-Quote Larry-Ellison-Inspirational-Quote Larry-Page-Inspirational-Quote Leonardo-Del-Vecchio-Inspirational-Quote Madonna-Inspirational-Quote Marissa-Mayer-Inspirational-Quote Mark-Zuckerberg-Inspirational-Quote Martha-Lane-Fox-Inspirational-Quote Mary-Barra-Inspirational-Quote Meg-Whitman-Inspirational-Quote Michael-Bloomberg-Inspirational-Quote Michael-Dell-Inspirational-Quote Milton-Friedman-Inspirational-Quote Minoru-Mori-Inspirational-Quote Niklas-Zennstrom-Inspirational-Quote Nita-Ambani-Inspirational-Quote Ole-Kirk-Christiansen-Inspirational-Quote Oprah-Winfrey-Inspirational-Quote Peter-Drucker-Inspirational-Quote Philip-Green-Inspirational-Quote Phil-Knight-Inspirational-Quote Ralph-Lauren-Inspirational-Quote Ray-Kroc-Inspirational-Quote Reid-Hoffman-Inspirational-Quote Richard-Branson-Inspirational-Quote Rupert-Murdoch-Inspirational-Quote Ruth-Handler-Inspirational-Quote Sam-Walton-Inspirational-Quote Sara-Blakely-Inspirational-Quote Sheryl-Sandberg-Inspirational-Quote Soichiro-Honda-Inspirational-Quote Stefan-Persson-Inspirational-Quote Stelios-Haji-Ioannou-Inspirational-Quote Steve-Jobs-Inspirational-Quote Susan-Wojcicki-Inspirational-Quote Ursula-Burns-Inspirational-Quote Victoria-Beckham-Inspirational-Quote Vivienne-Westwood-Inspirational-Quote Walter-Disney-Inspirational-Quote Warren-Buffett-Inspirational-Quote William-Harley-Inspirational-Quote W-K-Kellogg-Inspirational-Quote


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