25 Beautiful Drink Coasters / Table Mats for Graphic Designers

We know how much work Buy from here have to deliver in a day and to keep things going without losing their calm, they need to take tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other drinks. In today’s article, we will be looking at a variety of beautiful coasters and table mats which are just for you. So, if you are one of those neat freaks who want their work tables to be clean and tidy, keep on reading!


1. Leather Drink Coasters (Round)

We are starting off with the basic ones here, black leather coasters can go with every table and will only enhance the beauty of your workplace. The design is smart, are of high quality and are super stain resistant too.

Buy from here | Price: $11.88



2. Cork Coasters with Holder

We love the design of these coasters as they are made of cork and have that vintage-y look. They are moisture proof as well as heat resistant so it actually is a complete package for you. The holder you get with the coasters is made up of bamboo and is a very neatly designed holder.

Buy from here | Price: $12.89



3. Natural Cork Coasters with Holder

These coasters have a plain design and the color is universal which means these coasters won’t look out of place – they will only complement your workplace. These are high quality coasters which also prevent slipping of the mugs, cups and glasses.

Buy from here | Price: $9.99



4. Vinyl Record Retro Coasters

These happen to be our favorite coasters because of the retro design. These coasters will look absolutely chic and can go with any décor. They also have holes in them which means you can hang them on walls too and can use as coasters as required.

Buy from here | Price: $5.99



5. Leather Coaster with Holder Set (Marble)

These coasters have one of the beautiful designs on them and we love the neat look of marble on them. In this package, you get 6 pieces of coasters and a round holder set. This elegant coaster set is ideal for all types of cups etc.

Buy from here | Price: $12.95



6. Absorbent Stone Car Coasters

These highly absorbent coasters are made using a special absorbent ceramic stone that can instantly absorb the liquid if there is any outside the container. Not only composed worktables, these coasters can also be used inside cars.

Buy from here | Price: $10.99



7. Leather Non-Slip Coasters (PU Leather)

These coasters are made with PU leather which is a highly heat proof and water resistant material. The package includes 6 pieces of coasters and a round holder. In case of any spilling, you can clean the coasters using tissue papers or a clean piece of cloth.

Buy from here | Price: $11.99



8. Absorbent Coasters for Drinks (Mandala)

These coasters come with a metallic holder and have a nice mandala design on each one of them. What we like about these coasters is that they are highly absorbent and if you wish to clean them, just rinse them with water and voila – they will be as good as new.

Buy from here | Price: $14.99



9. Coasters Set for Drinks (Leather)

These square coasters in leather steal the show because of how aesthetically pleasing the design is. These are water resistant and heat proof too. The package contains 6 pieces of leather coasters and a complimentary holder set.

Buy from here | Price: $11.99



10. Silicon Coasters for Drinks

The best thing about these coasters is that they are made of silicon which means they are not high maintenance coasters and can be washed directly with water and dish washing liquid. They can resist heat up to 200 degree Celsius.

Buy from here | Price: $12.99



11. Absorbent Stone Coasters for Drinks (Mandala Style)

Mandala Style coasters are our favorite and these highly absorbent stone coasters can surely make you fall in love with the overall design. They are moisture absorbent and the package includes 4 pieces of coasters and a holder to keep them in place when not in use.

Buy from here | Price: $14.98



12. Ceramic Coasters (Artificial Marble Painting)

These highly absorbent ceramic coasters with an artificial marble painting are very attractive. The design is of a Bohemian painting and the package includes; 4 pieces of coasters. This design is great for workplaces and homes and can also be a really nice gift option.

Buy from here | Price: $12.99



13. Ceramic Coasters (Hexagon Marble Design)

These coasters are made of ceramic and wood and are highly absorbent. The back sides of these coasters is of cork which make keeps all the coasters in place and slip resistant. You get 4 pieces of coasters in one package.

Buy from here | Price: $14.99



14. Coasters by McCarter (Shells)

These coasters by McCarter naturally absorb moisture and the cork feet keep the coasters from slipping. The set includes 4 pieces of coasters and can be cleaned with any mild dish washing liquid. What we liked the most about this set is that they have seashell designs on it which looks really appealing.

Buy from here | Price: $25.00



15. Ceramic Coasters with Holder (Gold Paint Drops Pattern)

This set of coasters is one of the most elegant options available. The holder you get in the package is golden in colors and contains 4 pieces of coasters which have a gold paint drops pattern on them. Coasters are in 4 different colors making this whole set more appealing.

Buy from here | Price: $22.99



16. Ceramic Coasters – DIY

Okay guys this coaster set has to be on your worktables because this is a DIY thing. You legit get to make your own coasters with the 5 paints that are included in the package and a small brush. Also, they are absorbent and purchasing this set can help you kill your free time too.

Buy from here | Price: $14.99



17. Rattan Coasters

Rattan furniture can stay with you till the longest of time as it is highly durable, low maintenance as well as stylish. Same is the case with the Rattan coasters. And in this package you will get 6 pieces of coasters which can also insulate the moisture from your drinks etc.

Buy from here | Price: $17.99



18. Handmade Cotton Line Braided Coasters Set

Handmade stuff is always the best because of the amount of interest and efforts is spent in making it can’t be measured. These coasters is made by using the environment friendly cotton which is then braided to form coasters. The material is absorbent as well as heat proof.

Buy from here | Price: $9.12



19. Ceramic Coasters (Retro Sandstone)

This set of 4 coasters having the retro sandstone design is in the list for it has a great absorbency function and also has a cork backing which keeps the coasters from slipping away.

Buy from here | Price: $17.99



20. Mosaic Style Coasters

Mosaics are everyone’s favorite which is why we are keeping these coasters in our list for you to consider. These coasters have the functions of absorbing liquid as well as of insulating heat. They can resist heat up to 400 degree Celsius.

Buy from here | Price: $11.99



21. Stone Coaster Set (Grey & White – Geometric Pattern)

Another on our list in this geometric pattern styled coaster set – you get 6 pieces in one set and the set is perfect for workplaces, homes etc. Both the colors are long-lasting and won’t get dull over the passage of time.

Buy from here | Price: $12.99



22. Square Marble Coasters

These stylish leather coasters having the marble design on them look super elegant and classy. We love how the holder is designed so that all the coasters can stand in it and won’t get lost when not in use. These coasters also has the function of insulation.

Buy from here | Price: $12.95



23. Bamboo Coasters with Holder

Bamboo looks really nice and stylish and these coasters are one prime example of that. The finish, shape and curvy edges add more to the beauty of these coasters. You also get an efficiently designed holder with the package of 4 coasters.

Buy from here | Price: $9.95



24. Stone Coasters with Cork Backing

In addition to their neat style, these coasters won’t stick to your furniture of your mugs. They can absorb moisture and are also heat resistant so it’s a win-win situation. You don’t get a holder but don’t let that stop you from getting these coasters because their unique color makes them go with every style and color of furniture.

Buy from here | Price: $14.77



25. Ceramic Coasters (Bohemia Style Patterns)

These coasters made of ceramic and wood have the function of insulating heat and absorbing water. The back sides is of cork which doesn’t let the coasters move from their place and the colors won’t fade even after regular use.

Buy from here | Price: $12.71


That’s all from us for today. We hope you can enhance the beauty of your kitchens and workplaces with these amazingly beautiful coaster sets.


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