Top 10 Best DSLR Backpack Camera Bags You Should Not Miss

People are falling in love with the art of photography, now there is a proper field to study about photography and to opt it for profession. Cameras are highly expensive things in the world of gadgets and devices because costly lenses are used in them to zoom in and zoom out settings, objects and landscapes. When you buy a cellphone you like to accessorize it with dust plugs, fancy home buttons and beautiful cover cases, when you dress up, you like to accessorize yourself with matching bag/wallet, sandals and sunshades.

Similarly the cameramen and photographers adore their cameras and want to protect them from dust and scratches, they purchase tripod stands, camera lenses & their cases, lenses filters, flashguns, camera satchel bags and backpacks. Bags have now become a mandatory accessory for cameras; you can glitz and glam up the stance of your camera with its fanciful backpack.

It would in a way look sophisticated and will also keep your camera in a safe hand carry because you don’t want to compromise on them. Today I am unfolding before you top 10 best DSLR backpack camera bags you should not miss. You don’t have to mooch around the web because all the fantastic collection of backpacks are finally at your quick disposal down here.

1. BX2™ Pro Camera Backpack | Canon Camera Bag

Today’s Price: $199.95

Description: This backpack is perfect and suitable for all those outdoor photographers who like to keep light weight and elegant backpack that gives them medium sized capacity for their camera.

BX2-Pro-Backpack-Camera-Bag BX2-Pro-Backpack-Camera-Bag-2 BX2-Pro-Backpack-Camera-Bag-3


2. Langly Alpha Pro Camera Bag

Today’s Price: $249.00

Description: This backpack is truly one of its kind with an apt capacity for 4 camera lenses along with SLR, it can also accommodate free space for a laptop. What an amazing thing with 4 pockets for camera accessories.

Langly-Alpha-Pro-Camera-Bag Langly-Alpha-Pro-Camera-Bag-2

Langly-Alpha-Pro-Camera-Bag-3 Langly-Alpha-Pro-Camera-Bag-4


3. Lowepro Transit 350 AW Backpack | DSLR Camera Bag

Today’s Price: $92.97  (Do check out the video)

Description: This backpack comes with style and sophistication where not only camera but its lenses, cellphone/tablet and even a laptop can be placed inside it with comfort and ease. There is much space left still to carry other camera fixtures too.

Lowepro-Transit-350-AW-Backpack-for-DSLR Lowepro-Transit-350-AW-Backpack-for-DSLR-2


4. Chrome Niko Camera Bag | For Nikon Camera Bag

Today’s Price: $360.45 

Description: The bag comes up with back straps, light weight and appealing looks. A laptop can be easily put at the back of the backpack; the zipper would keep it locked. Be carefree having this because your DSLR and lenses have a nice time in there.

Chrome-Niko-Camera-Bag-4 Chrome-Niko-Camera-Bag-2 Chrome-Niko-Camera-Bag


5. Lowepro Photo Sport Pro 30L AW (Camera Backpack )

Today’s Price: $146.99 (watch video)

Description: The best thing about this backpack is that you can put your camera right in the side pocket where you don’t have to remove the pack; it is made simply to grab the camera quickly to take the shot.

Photo-Sport-Pro-30L-AW Photo-Sport-Pro-30L-AW-2 Photo-Sport-Pro-30L-AW-3


6. Ape Case Pro Digital SLR and Video Camera Backpack

Today’s Price: $175.99 

Description: The real travelling bag is here for the photographers with awesome looks and space for camera and its lenses, it provides weather cover to avoid bad weather conditions, it has roller wheels so when you get tired of putting on the backpack, you can drag it on its wheels.

Ape-Case-Pro-Digital-SLR-and-Video-Camera-Backpack-3 Ape-Case-Pro-Digital-SLR-and-Video-Camera-Backpack



7. Professional Gear Backpack for Digital SLR Canon Cameras 

Today’s Price: $59.99

Description: This bag comes with massive storage; you can carry your water bottle, camera tripod stand, cameras, video cameras, lenses and other accessories. Go and grab it without giving it a second thought.

Professional-Gear-Backpack-for-Digital-SLR-Canon-Cameras Professional-Gear-Backpack-for-Digital-SLR-Canon-Cameras-2 Professional-Gear-Backpack-for-Digital-SLR-Canon-Cameras-3


8. Rover Pro AW series | Lowepro Camera Bag

Today’s Price: $299.99

Description: The bag comes with massive compartments for cameras, lenses, laptops, accessories and tripod stands. You can enjoy its multiple storages and keep all your camera related stuff in one place inside the backpack.

Rover-Pro-AW-series Rover-Pro-AW-series-4 Rover-Pro-AW-series-3 Rover-Pro-AW-series


9. DSLR Video Fastpack 350 AW | Best Camera bag

Today’s Price: $113.36

Description: This is a professional backpack with ample space for camera, lenses, laptop, and headpiece with light weight and full handiness.

DSLR-Video-Fastpack-350-AW-3 DSLR-Video-Fastpack-350-AW-2 DSLR-Video-Fastpack-350-AW


10. Lowepro Flipside 500 AW | Professional Camera Bag

Today’s Price: $141.33

Description: This camera backpack is simply commendable with beautiful pockets carrying all the smaller, medium sized and bigger lenses. You can get it with full confidence and it won’t let you down.

Lowepro-Flipside-500-AW Lowepro-Flipside-500-AW-2 Lowepro-Flipside-500-AW-3 Lowepro-Flipside-500-AW-5 Lowepro-Flipside-500-AW-4 Lowepro-Flipside-500-AW



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  1. After years and years of carrying a backpack, Ive grown accustomed to my right shoulder being the shoulder that I keep my bag on if I’m just carrying it with one arm, or if i’m bringing it around to my front for access.
    I really like the style of bag that allows you to quickly pull your DSLR out of a side access panel, but all of the bags above, and that i’ve seen online, have the access on the left side, which would dictate swinging the bag around your left shoulder to gain access. I find this extremely uncomfortable and awkward.
    Does anyone know of a bag out there with the quick access panel on the right side?

  2. That Langly Alpha Pro Camera Bag i had one of those bag I bought it Year 2015.. I use it for few months and i gave it to my sister and she really love it.. its kind of classic bag style but still its durable..

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