15 Deep, Thoughtful & Inspirational Typography Quotes by Noel Shiveley

Every art keeps its sanctity bowed to it and people respect whatever genre of art it is. Every generation, and generation after generation writers and poets are held in greater reverence because they not only write about emotions, realities and sentiments, they also highlight the flaws of the era and age they belong too.

Even reading those after ages it will still open up a Pandora box hinting back to the time it was written. Every writer leaves readable and quotable sayings that are epic preaching us a lesson for sure. Some sayings are so moralistic that are there to motivate us and inspire us so we get started with a fresher feel and with a newer spirit. Words are effective more than swords, they cut deep, they are impactful, and they carry weight.

Words make and break hearts, words can wound you harder than bullets, and words can heal you more like meditation. Words can tear you apart in the time of sorrow, words can make you feel high at the time of accomplishment. There is also a feel and a vibe which is communicated through the use of words. So like a current the tone of words travels to the human brain and embarks a mundane or a special effect. Keeping the significance of words into my mind I collected a post that does great with typography.

Words in motion with some beautiful visual depiction are put together by the artist. Here I am presenting 15 deep, thoughtful & inspirational typography quotes by Noel Shiveley. You would love to read them as some sharp and crisp thoughts are very well executed by the artist. The artist has used subtle and very decent backgrounds to highlight the words written on them, there is no use of vibrancy or exaggerated colors because they would have been deviating for the art lovers and for the readers.

And anything that takes you away from the sense of logic and reasoning is pointless. Subscribe us for more art and design posts in future as well.

15 Deep, Thoughtful & Inspirational Typography Quotes by Noel Shiveley

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