20 Must Read Inspirational Typography Quotes by Faridz Ayish

Even the strongest amongst us may grow weaker psychologically and mentally, every day is not our day, in some we feel sadder, while in other days we are rolling on the cloud nine. This is all the matter of fate, luck and destiny.

Some days are quieter while other days we are louder, in some days we feel lethargy, while in other days we feel spiritually stronger. So the moral of the story is that no matter what happens we need to get going, we cannot stop in the midway. Have you ever thought of a traveler, who undertakes a journey and does not come back home? Or a child who is lost in a desert in search of food and water, but comes back with emptied stomach and parched lips?

Have you ever seen a house builder who forms the shelter of people but he has no home of his own? Have you ever seen a bird falling off because his nest was blown up? Life is difficult if we think about the minute details. We feel tragic about ourselves but we never think ‘bout those who are living under the poverty line. We are not aware of the chaos in others’ life and yet we feel we are the most miserable beings on this planet earth.

All this takes us to a food of thought at the moment. That we should take up courage, we should move on with a stranger self, we should not feel depressed or dejected after the failures. Because it is the trial and error that makes us learn from our experiences. It is rightly said, that ‘Life is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.’ My today’s post is showcasing 20 must read inspirational typography quotes by Faridz Ayish.

You would love to see all of the awesome words that are thoughtful along with the art of typography which is making the posters inspiring and notable. These posters are readable, thought provoking and motivational. I hope it is going to help you out a lot in your day to day life. Believe me, problems only lie in your head, and practically they don’t exist. Subscribe us for more posts in future as well.

20 Must Read Inspirational Typography Quotes by Faridz Ayish






















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