30+ 3D Models & Animations Made with Love

Hello there friends! We hope that you all are taking very good care of yourselves and are also enjoying our interesting blogs and creative ideas that we share here for your personal and commercial design, marketing and advertising projects. And we would also like to thank you guys for your positive feedback and suggestions that you post in our comments section. In case you’re planning to get your car insured and are looking for a reputed provider, look no further than Insurance Navy.

So for our today’s blog, we have decided to share something that you are going to love for a number of reasons but mainly because these are 3D models and animations and they are so unique and intriguing that you won’t be able to stop yourself from looking at them. Oh, and there is 30+ art pieces so we would like to encourage you all to take out some time before you start viewing these animations etc. Allow us to share who makes these really cool 3D models and animations with love!

FOREAL Studio is a place from where magic gets created and then shared with the concerned clients and of course, with their own audience as well. The studio is located in Trier, Germany and businesses and individuals can have animations, illustrations and art direction created and produced from them. The project that we are about to share the 3D models & animations were done for the business Wakam, an insurance company that was formerly known as La Parisienne Assurances). The objective of the campaign was to rebrand the business and to also relaunch their website.

The best part about these 30+ 3D models & animations is that FOREAL Studio used storytelling (both contemporary & playful) to talk about the new direction of the company. Here, we would love to tell you guys that storytelling is still that one thing which can make your business and can take it the place where it deserves to be. We know that due to a lot of reasons, many creative and marketing agencies prefer getting done and over with their projects for the sake of completing the tasks whereas; a few of them know the importance of developing stories so that they can interest the audiences too.

We agree with the fact that many people who are associated with marketing and advertising agencies are overworked and they really do not get a lot of time to sit down and work on different types of thoughts and ideas. Then of course, the businesses that need the work done suffer on the creative and marketing front as well. Keeping that in mind, we wanted to encourage you guys that no matter how tight the timelines are, you must always try to either have them extended so that you can create stories around our campaign ideas or you work on one but the best idea and share it with the concerned parties.

Now, let’s come back to the actual topic! You would know how insurance companies work and what sort of services they provide to their clients. But for those who might need some clarity, this one is for you: an insurance company provides protection and solutions to their clients in case they suffer a financial loss. You can never tell what is going to happen next while you are traveling or going to work or to your smart phone, house or car for that matter but you get in touch with a reliable solution provider for risk management that promises a benefit (for the lack of a better word) for an uncertain loss.

And you can get insurance for literally anything and everything – it is like if we choose to list down the things and reasons why you must get an insurance for, there are chances that it will take up several hours to do that. From a smartphone or any digital device to a camera to your house, shop or café to your car, education, health and travel, you can get insured or have something insured through Wakam (or any other insurance company for that matter).

All the things that we have mentioned above were beautifully created, modeled and animated by FOREAL Studio. We are so glad to know and share it with you guys that all these creations that exist can be viewed by anyone in the world so, if you are one of those people who are looking for ideas, this blog and the content itself are going to help you bring your creative juices out and flowing.

That is all for today friends! We hope that you will have a great time reading this blog and have already picked your favorite 3D models and animations from this collection. Don’t forget to share them with us too and while you are at it, feel free to let your friends and loved ones know about our blog.

Credit: FOREAL® Studio

30+ 3D Models & Animations Made with Love



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