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If you guys have been reading our blogs for quite some time now then you must have read multiple blogs that feature signage mock-up PSD files but if you are someone who has just started to read the blog today, then we would first like to welcome you all to this creative platform of ours and we want you to know that you are in for a treat. In addition to that, we would also to say that whatever we are going to share here in the blog today is something that won’t just benefit you for creating airport departure announcement boards but you will also be able to get more information on how one must carry out extensive research in order to create nothing but meaningful and impressive designs for themselves and for their clients and customers too.

So, the airport (departure) announcement board is also known as the flight information display system of FIDS. This system is (quite obviously) controlled by computers which show the mechanical or electronic display to the passengers and anyone else present at the airports, etc. to get information about a flight or two. We are sure that you would know that FIDS displays real time information so that if a flight is delayed or has been cancelled, then the passengers can make arrangements as to what they will be doing till the next flight is scheduled to fly.

Now, keeping in mind that FIDS / airport departure announcement boards happen to display information which is crucial for anyone and everyone, it is extremely important for all of you to understand the task fully well and then create designs that are being expected from you. There are a couple of things regarding the airport departure announcement boards that we are about to share with you guys which will help you get started nicely. For example; you must know that the airport departure announcement boards vary in size depending on the size of the LED which is going to be installed at the finalized locations inside the airport.

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You also need to consider the readability of the announcement boards that will be displayed on the premises of the airport (otherwise what is the point, right?!). In order to ensure that your target audiences can get the information that they would like to have while also dealing with all the emotions they would feel during their time at the airport, you would want to prioritize fonts and their size as well. In addition to that, you would want to consider organizing the information in such a way that it gives away the important details in the right manner like placing the critical information at the top and the rest will follow. Lastly, include directional information in your airport signage to make things easier for anyone and everyone who will come across your departure announcement boards.

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Free Airport Departure Announcement Board Mockup PSD


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