A Showcase of 18 Realistic Vintage App IOS Icons For Inspiration

Since the release of the iPhone and the app store over half a million applications have been created. And for every app, there has to be an iOS icon. The popularity of mobile devices and the unstoppable force that is Apple means that this figure will surely increase dramatically over the next few years. Which begs the question, with such a plethora of new apps being launched every single day how can you create one that stands out from the crowd? One potential answer lies in the humble iOS icon itself.

As the first thing a user encounters when considering which application to purchase it’s crucial that it makes an impact. One of the ways you can do this is by adding a vintage vibe to your design. Consumers seem unable to get enough of cutting-edge technology with an old-school feel, whether it’s the Hipstamatic, Instagram or music applications like the Turn play.

18 Realistic Vintage App IOS Icons

1. Retro Modern flip clock IOS Icon

This retro flip clock counts down how many days it will take for you to make a sale. As well as a vintage subject matter it also uses an old fashioned colour palette that reminds us of early 1960s summers.

Icon Source



2.  OldBooth IOS Icon 

Old Booth is an application that allows you to age photographs. With this in mind, the icon is appropriately retro, highly detailed and as a result hyper-realistic.

Icon Source



3. Old Phone IOS Icon

This icon looks like its come straight out of an old film noire  yet the gleam and polish on the handset introduces a uniquely contemporary edge.

Icon Source



4. 1976 Tape Recorder IOS Icon

This is so incredibly realistic, even down to the light reflection on the cassette lid and shadows on the buttons.

Icon Source



5.  Vintage Spotify IOS icon

This vintage-inspired alternative Spotify icon is a great example of how to update retro influences. Less realistic than some of the others we’ve seen, it’s nonetheless visually appealing and very noticeable.

Icon Source



6. Vintage Propeller IOS Icon

Another stylistic treatment that shows that vintage design can still be super-bright and cleaned up.

Icon Source



 7. Whether IOS Icon

There’s a huge amount of design detail in this icon, which is what makes the whole thing seem so realistic. Note the shadow on the bell, the texture of the wood and the depth of the flip clock.

Icon Source



8. Radio IOS Icon

You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a photographic icon it’s so close to the original.

Icon Source



9.  IOS Map Game Icon

Can you get anymore vintage than old maps? We love the detail in the folds of the paper and the incredibly realistic skin texture.

Icon Source



10. Cola Cola Machine IOS Icon

Bright, bold and black and white; here’s a truly iconic app icon with photographic-quality levels of realism.

Icon Source



11.  Calculate IOS Icon

This vintage calculator certainly takes us back to those old school days.

Icon Source



 12. Post Box IOS Icon

Red post box adds a vintage touch whilst still looking smart enough as an IOS icon.

Icon Source



13.  Vw Van ISO Icon

This vintage VW has perfect corners it is clever, creative and vintage.

Icon Source



14.  Play Ground App IOS Icon

This vintage IOS icon has a lot depth, especially with the grass shading.

Icon Source



 15. Video Player App IOS Icon

The simple concept here works incredibly well.

Icon Source



16. Telly IOS Icon

This highly detailed telly icon is so realistic it almost looks as if it’s a photograph.

Icon Source



17.  Stanza App Icon

The vintage texture and perspective gives this IOS icon an interesting appeal.

Icon Source



18. Train App IOS Icon

The old tram icon, its vintage colour and treatment makes it an outstanding realistic icon.

Icon Source



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