Beautiful Feather Paintings | A Phenomenal Art by Alvia Alcedo

We can never count on fingers the various genres of art in fact art has spread its wings to take a ride around every possible sphere of the universe where artists reside, paint and make unreal things “so real”. Some people are born talented and others are born ambitious now the victory is in the hands of those who use their brain and skill together. That’s a clever thing to do, it is up to you if you want to follow the steps of other writers and stay clouded or you want your own name to outshine every other artist.

There are contemporary artists who are blindly following their successors’ work and seeking refuge in the inspiring art pieces already done ages ago, there is nothing wrong with that indeed. But artist may try out new and innovative art forms that have not been tried back in years. Obviously there are plenty of artists working on various other diverse genres but only few are able to make their big name and earn fame. Because of the intellect and driving force of talent, an artist can surpass others.

Have you ever seen someone painting on delicate feathers? I mean, can you even imagine to hold a light-weighted feather in your hands which is so delicate to get crumbled any minute, which is so feeble to get torn apart, which is so soft that nothing can never be drawn on it and it is so fragile that you cannot think to make a painting over it above all. But that is maybe not true because artist has done it all; she has painted on soft feathers unbelievably.

There is a question mark, how on earth can somebody be so talented and creative? It for sure takes a lot of mental strength, imitative intrigue and inventiveness, only then an artist can pull out a masterpiece. I am bringing before you feather paintings which is a phenomenal art.

The artist is Alvia Alcedo who belongs to Russia, I suppose she is an ardent lover of nature and animals, look at the way she has beautifully carved some wild creatures like Owl, Eagle, Fox, Dragonfly and Vulture etc. on feathers using vibrant & sharps colors that are giving me Goosebumps, you need to glare at her skill and talent, Whoa!

Feather-Paintings--A-Phenomenal-Art-(1) Feather-Paintings--A-Phenomenal-Art-(2) Feather-Paintings--A-Phenomenal-Art-(3) Feather-Paintings--A-Phenomenal-Art-(4) Feather-Paintings--A-Phenomenal-Art-(5)

Feather-Paintings--A-Phenomenal-Art-(6) Feather-Paintings--A-Phenomenal-Art-(7) Feather-Paintings--A-Phenomenal-Art-(8) Feather-Paintings--A-Phenomenal-Art-(9) Feather-Paintings--A-Phenomenal-Art-(10)


Some more beautiful paintings from other artists:




Horse feather painting




Feather pen painting


Black_Gryphon_Feather_Pen_by_ChaeyAhne CRISMON_DRAGON_Feather__Pen_by_ChaeyAhne DRAGONFLY_MAGICK_Feather_Pen_by_ChaeyAhne


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