20 Cool & Unique Bookmark Designs & Styles That You Should Not Miss

Forgetting things back home, misplacing a book, losing your favorite shirt in the closet, not getting the matching ear stud, missing your cellphone in the blanket, losing the favorite notebook, forgetting currency notes & coins under the sheets; oh well, we all go through this common forgetfulness and it looks weird sometimes. But wait up_ hold on, it is pretty normal. We all kind of experience this situation

We try hard to keep a hand on things and not to miss them at the time of need but still ‘to err is human’, we commit blunders/errors and mistakes time and again on daily basis. Psst, huh? Oh shoot, not again, why oh why? Wicked, shit, and all such interjections allude to the way we react when we are so oblivious towards our things. There is certainly a way out of it. To-do-list is a reminder to know about day to day chores, some ‘notes to remember’ help us to recall what we get to do, there are bookmarks available to save the website/content/images/blogs so whenever you log in again you can totally locate something that was your favorite and focus of attention by that time. This is not just all; there are bookmarks as well for the novels, books and plays that we read. Do you find it ridiculous when you mistakenly lose the page number, and it suddenly skips out of your mind?

Well duh, we all are riding in the same boat. Let us find the best possible means to remember what page was it? Down here is a cutest ever collection that I have seen of bookmarks, these are 20 beautiful bookmark designs that you can buy for bookworms. I am sure you will love to have them for your books/bookshelf. These are totally creative, having cool colors, awesome & attractive textures.

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20 Cool & Unique Bookmark Designs & Styles That You Should Not Miss

1. Wicked Witch Handmade Unique Bookmark Design

Price: $24.99 | Buy from here




2. Mermaid handmade Cool Bookmark

Price: $24.99 | Buy from here




3. Handmade Wood Bookmark Design

Price: $15.00 | Buy from here



4. Crocodile Unique Bookmark

Price: $10.49  | Buy from here



5. Electronic Dictionary Bookmark – English to Spanish

Price: $26.15  | Buy from here



6. Clip over the Page Unique Bookmark Designs

Price: $19.95 | Buy from here



7. Panda Bookmark design Ideas

Price: $16.99 | Buy from here



8. Funny yet Cool Bookmarks For Kids

Price: $24.99 | Buy from here



9. 6 Pack Engraved Wooden Bookmarks

Price: $53.00 | Buy from here



10. Antique Bookmark Designs

Price: $15.95  | Buy from here



11. Bed Time Story

Price: $17.45  | Buy from here



12. Thriller set of 3 themed unique bookmarks

Price: $11.80  | Buy from here



13. Creative Music Bookmark Designs

Price: $20.99 | Buy from here



14. Quote Wooden Bookmark Design

Price: $9.95 | Buy from here



15. Harry Potter Crest Bookmark Collection

Price: $39.50 | Buy from here



16. Dr Seuss Stretchy Bookmark Design

Price: $28.99  | Buy from here



17. Be Right Back – Blue – Plastic Bookmark Creative

Price: $9.90 | Buy from here



18. Set of 2 Creative Bookmarks

Price: $27.38 | Buy from here



19. Mayan Engraved Wooden Bookmark

Price: $9.95 | Buy from here



20. Zipper Cool Bookmark

Price: $9.90 | Buy from here



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