Top 6 Web Design Tools that Bring Your Game to the Next Level

Web designers are creative and passionate when it comes to their art and craft. On the other hand, they are also fiercely competitive; thus, they always seek new methods to bring their art to the next level. Aside from arming yourself with knowledge about the latest design trends and techniques, there are also tools and apps that can further help you hone your craft and technique. These tools were created with web designers in mind.

From these tools, there are six that stand out. What’s significant about these web tools is their simplicity and ease of use. Most of all, they are accommodating, proving that something doesn’t have to be complicated to be amazing.

1. Apptivo Help Desk

Apptivo Help Desk

Help desks help your users air their complaints and concerns about your product or service efficiently. It also enables you to build your relationship with clients because it showcases your ability to respond to them.

With the Apptivo Help Desk, you don’t just communicate with your customers, but you can also design workflows and create tickets. It also allows customers to leave suggestions how you can improve your product or service, which creates a win-win situation for you. You not only get to listen and address their needs, but you also gain insight how to improve.

Considered as one of the best help desk software, Apptivo is a feature-packed help desk with integrations to G Suite and Microsoft apps, improving your productivity because it allows you to sync all information across different platforms.

Whether you are going to use it as a simple online CRM or to manage your sales pipeline, Apptivo is capable of handling these different tasks for you.


2. Deposit Photos

Deposit Photos

Deposit Photos is a paid image repository which was established in 2009. However, not because it is paid means it is expensive. On the contrary, it has a flexible plan just in case you have a limited budget. Furthermore, it is a small price to pay considering you have access to over 60 million royalty-free images and videos. It gives you a vast resource for any project you might have without worrying whether the picture you have is similar to your colleague.

Aside from the second plans, Deposit Photos do not have a size restriction when you download the photos or images. Give your web design projects a unique touch and impress your clients with exclusive photos, vector images, and videos during your presentation.


3. Heroic WordPress FAQ Plugin

Heroic WordPress FAQ Plugin

The Heroic WordPress FAQ plugin might look at the next FAQ plugin but take a closer look, and you will see how it stands out from among the rest. For starters, it comes from a company that has been deemed experts in creating knowledge-based plugins and themes on WordPress. Secondly, it is easy to install and it has a drag & drop interface.

Well, other have the same features, you might reason. However, not all FAQ plugins have rich content and a configurator which enables you to add videos, blockquotes, and other information much faster. Moreover, you can also customize your FAQ section so that it is consistent with the layout and design of the whole website.


4. Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum is one of the oldest tools used to create visual mockups or layout web, print, or graphic designs. Its primary purpose is to create a natural looking block of text that doesn’t get in the way of the layout. It is also used to keep website templates from looking empty, or they minimize the distractions of the copy.

There are many Lorem Ipsum generators with their unique features. As mentioned above, a tool doesn’t have to be complicated to deliver the best results, and embodies that description. The tool is connected with Word Counter and Color Codes. It also contains versions in different languages.


5. 4K Stogram

4K Stogram

Want to create a backup for all your Instagram photos and videos? Maybe you want to gather various pictures of your favorite celebrities? 4K Stogram allows you to download your Instagram story as well as that of other people’s straight into your computer. That means you can view these photos and videos even when you are not connected to the Internet. You can also sync these photos to your phone so that you can access them anytime anywhere.


6. Novoresume


Novoresume is a resume builder that has a broad range of best resume templates for any industry. These templates are fully customizable; thus, whether you are a web designer or a carpenter, you can tweak the template you choose to reflect your craft and your personality.

Two of its notable features are the layout and content optimizers. The content optimizer generates automatic suggestions as to what kind of information you should include in your resume. Its layout optimizer, on the other hand, organizes your content that is aesthetically pleasing to those who will read it.

Novoresume is more than just a tool. The quality and grammar accuracy of its content rival those of a professional resume writer.


Conclusion: These apps are just a few in the market that has been very helpful not only for web designers but also for others vocations in different industries. If you have other useful apps you have tried and used, you are welcome to share them in the comments section below.


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