Free Black & White PopSocket Mockup PSD

Hey there everyone! How is your work life treating you? We hope that you guys learned a thing or two from the self-quarantine days and can create a healthy balance between your personal and professional life now because you see, it is important otherwise, we won’t be able to enjoy the best things of our own lives.

Another thing that you must do is to find at least half an hour for yourself where you can sit and talk with yourself. If we were to share our personal time routine with you guys then we would love to let you all know that we have a great time creating lists of things that we will be doing once the environment has become safe to do them, then there is a list of places that we want to visit and of course, the stuff that we are going to buy. Ah, that satisfaction of putting everything down on a piece of paper is out of the world. You should also give it a try!

We believe that spending money on yourself is kinda feels nice, you know? Why are you even working long hours if you plan on just saving the money anyways, right? And honestly, you do not have to start spending on expensive stuff, you can start from very basic things too. Like a nice chester drawer for your room or a couple of books or a new mobile phone cover. By doing so, you will have fun using your favorite things that also complement your personality.

Accessorizing smart phones is considered a fashion statement and we really like the idea of how manufacturers create a need of something (without which we were already making the most of our devices) and then that accessory is rolled out for the world to use it. For example; before last year, we did not really use or have felt the need to use a pop socket. But now that they are here, we know how cool they look.

Then the grip you get with a pop socket is amazing and the “freedom” of viewing videos on your smartphone etc. while you cook or work because of a pop socket’s support is worth the money. So, guess what we did with that information? Well, we had to work on a free mock-up PSD file for you guys in order to help you make your very own pop sockets. And trust us when we say that this project is one of our personal favorites. Let us talk about it in detail!

A pop socket is one of those mobile phone accessories that can be used by people of any age. The best thing about sticking a pop socket on your phone’s back is that you can handle your phone in a much better way like we know how, at times it becomes difficult to record a video while you are having a dance gathering with your friends or loved ones or if your phone is bigger than your hands, then with a pop socket, you can get full control of the device without it slipping down from your hands.

Normally, a pop socket has a diameter of 1.56”. Upon collapsing it, the pop socket stands 0.25” tall and when it is expanded, it stands 0.9” tall. There are different kinds of pop sockets that are available in the market like you can literally wear them on your fingers using the big ring or you can have the one similar to ours. And there is literally no limit to the designs. From branded pop sockets for organizations to the ones that have witty quotes and funny one liners, you can make anything and everything and you will still have a thousand more options to keep going.

And like we have mentioned this earlier as well that anyone who a smart phone can use a pop socket for one reason or the other, we feel like suggesting you guys a number of ideas so, that you can start working on your new design project using our free pop socket mock-up PSD file. Keep reading the blog to know more!

As you know that work life jokes are the funniest ones, the way such light humored jokes take a dig at colleagues, bosses or tasks is not only interesting but it also motivates you to think that you are not alone. Many people have lazy colleagues who rant about work at work and will do anything but work. You must have seen memes on them too so, why not create pop sockets using ideas that are relevant to your own workplace!?

You can also create pop sockets having geometrical patterns too or in plain colors with the name of the person who would want to use it. Then there are photos and historic scenes from seasons and movies that everyone can understand. You can also experiment with effects like marble etc. as well to see what things are liked by your audience and you will be happy to shape the ideas into actual popsockets.

That’s all for today! We hope that you will enjoy reading our blog and will also make great designs using our free popsocket mockup PSD.

Free Black & White PopSocket Mockup PSD


Available Format: Layered PSD with smart object insertion
License: Free for personal and commercial usage
RAR File Includes: Free PopSocket Mockup PSD
Mock-up Resolution: 3000 x 2250 px
Designs Credit: Stefen Kunz

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