How Can a Coworking Space Encourage Productivity?

At some point over the past year, many of us have found ourselves in the same position: working from home with an abundance of distractions, a lack of focus, and limited levels of inspiration. As vaccines become more readily available, it seems like working alongside others will start being introduced once more, albeit in a slightly altered way.

For those who have spent much of the past year locked in their homes working, the isolation and distractions may have started to wear thin. Many people working from home have reported higher levels of stress, working into the early hours of the morning, and a persistent feeling of being unable to switch off to enjoy time with loved ones. If this sounds akin to your experience thus far and you feel close to reaching the end of your tether, you might be interested in learning more about the positive benefits that you can reap from relocating yourself to a coworking space while restrictions gradually start to be eased.




Whether you have family around you or you are completely solo, there’s very little to motivate you when working from home. As a result, it’s easy to find yourself becoming distracted by other things around your home – odd jobs and social media, for example – particularly if self-discipline isn’t exactly a strong point of yours.

However, in dedicated coworking spaces, there’s an element of partnership that can be established to build some accountability. If you have trouble remaining focused and tend to take multiple breaks that eat into your work output, having another person working alongside you can not only encourage you to persevere and concentrate but can also ensure that you stick to any time limits or targets that you’ve set yourself.




Sitting at home surrounded by distractions can inhibit your focus and your creativity. You’ll often find yourself regurgitating the same stale ideas, ruminating over the same points, and being unable to solve what should be simple issues. It’s easy to find yourself stuck in a mental and creative rut. It can be difficult to find the motivation to overcome this when working from home, and you’ll instead seek procrastination to avoid having to deal with the issue, hoping you will be magically struck with inspiration – with your productivity suffering in the process.

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Working alongside others provides you with plenty of opportunities to discuss and bounce your ideas off others, who may look at the situation from a different angle or lens and be able to offer some stellar advice and support. A simple conversation could spark the next big idea that you need to maintain focus and produce exemplary work.


Confidence and Support


Sometimes, even the most skilled and talented workers suffer from a lapse in confidence or are unable to identify the answer to a problem, and this can be detrimental to the quality and quantity of your work output.

Coworking spaces allow you to hear a range of opinions and access a variety of knowledge from people with different skill sets and experiences to your own. This can be useful in a situation where you find yourself lacking confidence in your abilities, or you require some help to understand something, as there will be at least one person able to talk you through the issue, offer you some perspective, and tell you how well you’re doing – almost like your own personal work cheerleader.

With the world beginning to return to some vague form of normality, coworking spaces are an excellent way of navigating this new normal and ensuring that you remain a motivated, productive worker who’s focused on achieving the end goal.



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