Get the Best Wall Calendar of 2015 from 20 Beautiful Options

All of us become so desperate to celebrate the moments of joy because in the hodge-podge of every day’s life we confront with a lot of challenges, difficulties, conflict, contradictions, a lot of unnecessary arguments with colleagues, failure and shoulders totally overburdened, so to get rid of all the fuss happening in life all we do is to celebrate every small and big moment for a change.

Life is very short to spend in melancholy, sorrow and dejection. Each day we should wake up with new dreams breathing in our eyes, new hopes and a spur to achieve the tasks. This is how we make resolutions when the New Year begins. It really helps in fulfilling the craving we have long been holding within ourselves.

Some people try their best to overcome their fears, some try to be more courageous and outspoken, some want to practice kindness and generosity while others want to beg pardon from God for all their sins they have committed.  The list of resolutions is mighty and I cannot name them all right here. But the main thing is to plan something productive and give your best to fulfill it.

We all make mistakes but that does not make us little, mistakes help us to correct ourselves where we are wrong, we should believe in forgiving and forgetting because forgiveness is the best virtue to practice no matter how much your are torn apart and being shattered, no matter how much you are broken hearted, always believe in yourself, having faith in God, He knows what others cannot.

Make the smooth stride ahead with a soft heart and open mind. There will come a time that people who refused you will crave for you. Do good and have good. You know it is karma that rules the world, because what goes around comes around. Stop avenging and start apologizing for bad conduct, preach the morals and respect other fellow being more. Let’s make new resolutions till the year begins. Today I am unfolding before you New Year’s calendars 2015. Now get the best wall calendar of 2015 from 20 beautiful options. Grace your desktops with this lovely addition. Have a look at the collection. Do let us know about your feedback.

1. Adorable Calendar 2015

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2. Zodiac Dragons Calendar 2015

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3. Fantasy Art Calendar 2015

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4. Beautiful illustration Wall calendar 2015

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Beautiful-illustration-Wall-calendar-2015 Beautiful-illustration-Wall-calendar-2015


5. Cute One Page Calendar 2015 for kids

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6. Cute Wall Calendar 2015 for Girls

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 Cute Wall Calendar 2015 for Girls Girls-Girls-Girls-Calendar-2015-2


7. Letterpress Cityscape Calendar 2015

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Letterpress-Cityscape-Calendar-2015 Letterpress-Cityscape-Calendar-2015-3 Letterpress-Cityscape-Calendar-2015-4


8. 2015 Seasons Calendar

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2015-Seasons-Calendar 2015-Seasons-Calendar-2 2015-Seasons-Calendar-3


9. Flora Wall Calendar 2015

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Flora-Wall-Calendar-2015 Flora-Wall-Calendar-2015-2 Flora-Wall-Calendar-2015


10. Inspirational quotes printable 2015 calendar

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Inspirational-quotes-printable-2015-calendar-2 Inspirational-quotes-printable-2015-calendar


11. Beautiful Flora A3 wall calendar 2015

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12. Buy Creative Wall calendar 2015

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Buy-Creative-Wall-calendar-2015 Buy-Creative-Wall-calendar-2015-2


13. Stars Collection 2015 Calendar

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Stars-Collection-2015-Calendar Stars-Collection-2015-Calendar-2 Stars-Collection-2015-Calendar-3


14. Sky Digital Art Collection Calendar 2015

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15. Cat Lady Calendar 2015

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Cat-Lady-Calendar-2015 Cat-Lady-Calendar-2015-3 Cat-Lady-Calendar-2015-2


16. Inspirational Typography Calendar 2015

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17. Beautiful Letterpress calendar 2015

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Beautiful-letterpress-calendar-2015 Beautiful-letterpress-calendar-2015-2 Beautiful-letterpress-calendar-2015-3


18. A Cheery vector art 2015 Calendar

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A-Cheery-vector-art2015-Calendar A-Cheery-vector-art2015-Calendar-3 A-Cheery-vector-art2015-Calendar-2


19. unique calendar Design 2014

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unique-calendar-deisgn-2014-2 unique-calendar-deisgn-2014


20. Herbs Calendar 2015

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    Your calendars’ design are very beautiful (Design No. 7, 8 & 9). I wonder if I can buy the design (ai. file) for our company’s printing. If yes, please give us the quotation soon.

    Hanh (Ms.)

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