25 New Year 2015 Wall & Desk Calendar Designs For Inspiration

Years come and year leave, it is not about the time these years carry but the memories they hold within. All of us can relate to the fact that we never forget important days just like birthdays, wedding dates, graduation day, all the big & cardinal key dates on which we feel out of this world.

Life is an amalgamation of happy and sad hours, without getting gloomy we will never understand the important of delights, pleasures, amusements and glee, it is the darkness after which we get the positive charge of light & hope, it is the dawn after the dusk, it is a rain after the scorching heat, as it is said, there is light at the end of every tunnel.

So keep your heads up high because you are born to shine and not to moan in aggression, melancholy and sorrow. We keep calendars on the desks; we hang along them on the wall, pastes them on the doors, both in office/work places and in our homes because we have to keep a check on the days and dates.

I am bringing before you 25 New Year 2015 wall & desk calendar designs for inspiration. So the designers who are eyeing up to seek ideas from the works of experts regarding calendars, this post will help you through the trouble. Look around and find creative elements, these calendars are so different, unique and innovative, there is an entire thought put behind each of the calendar.

Textures, backgrounds, fonts and images play a vital role; in fact they make the calendar more impressive. The abstract art, nature, beautiful images or random stuff can be put up to give a fresh and new feel to the calendar.

Usually designers use weathers/ seasons and most probably flowers to depict diverse months, I guess it is now an old fashioned idea; people are more interested in newness since they have got more exposure and they have low acceptance level for monotony. So give it a shot and design a trendy calendar this time for the upcoming year 2015. Have a gaze down here.

 1. Paweł Jonca 2015 wall calendar Ideas






2. Digital Painting Events Calendar 2015


Digital Painting Events Calendar 2015-inspiration Calendar-2015-Design-3 Calendar-2015-Design-2


 3. 2015 Calendar with colored Pencils


2015-Calendar-with-colored-Pencils 2015-Calendar-with-colored-Pencils-2 2015-Calendar-with-colored-Pencils-6


4. Artist’s Almanac Illustrations Desk calendar


Artist's-Almanac-Desk_Illustrations_calendar Artist's-Almanac-Illustrations_Desk_calendar-2 Artist's-Almanac-Illustrations_Desk_calendar-3


 5. Buildings of New York City Wall Calendar 2015


Buildings-of-New-york-City-Wall-Calendar-2015-1 Buildings-of-New-york-City-Wall-Calendar-2015-2 Buildings-of-New-york-City-Wall-Calendar-2015-3


6. Enjoy Your Trip | Simple Desk Calendar 2015 for Inspiration



Simple-Desk-Calendar-2015-for-Inspiration-2 Simple-Desk-Calendar-2015-for-Inspiration-3


7. The Great Gentleman Zodiac Calendar 2015


The-Great-Gentleman-Calendar-for-2015- The-Great-Gentleman-Calendar-for-2015-2 The-Great-Gentleman-Calendar-for-2015-3 The-Great-Gentleman-Calendar-for-2015-4


8. Typography Calendar 2015


Typography-Calendar-2015 Typography-Calendar-2015-2 Typography-Calendar-2015-4 Typography-Calendar-2015-3 Typography-Calendar-2015-5


9. Low Poly Sports Calendar 2015




10. Geometric Pattern Calendar 2015 Design Ideas


Geometric-Pattern-Calendar-2015-Design-Ideas Geometric-Pattern-Calendar-2015-Design-Ideas-2


11. Animal Illustrations Calendar 2015





12. Abuba Steak 2015 Calendar Design


Abuba-Steak-2015-Calendar Abuba-Steak-2015-Calendar-2 Abuba-Steak-2015-Calendar-3


13. 2015 Mono Calendar design


2015-Mono-Calendar-design 2015-Mono-Calendar-design-2 2015-Mono-Calendar-design-3


14. Wanderlust 2015 Travel Calendar Design


Wanderlust-2015-Travel-Calendar Wanderlust-2015-Travel-Calendar-2 Wanderlust-2015-Travel-Calendar-3 Wanderlust-2015-Travel-Calendar-4


15. Beautiful Calendar 2015 Design Iinspiration


Beautiful-Calendar-2015-Design-Inspiration Beautiful-Calendar-2015-Design-Inspiration-2 Beautiful-Calendar-2015-Design-Inspiration-3 Beautiful-Calendar-2015-Design-Inspiration-4 Beautiful-Calendar-2015-Design-Inspiration-5


16. 2015 Calendar Design Ideas


2015-Calendar-design-ideas-2 2015-Calendar-design-ideas-4


17. Floral Calendar 2015 Design


Floral-Calendar-2015-Design Floral-Calendar-2015-Design-2


18. Beautiful Typography Calendar 2015


Beautiful-Typography-Calendar-2015 Beautiful-Typography-Calendar-2015-2 Beautiful-Typography-Calendar-2015-3 Beautiful-Typography-Calendar-2015-4


19. Eco Friendly calendar 2015 Ideas


Eco-Friendly-calendar-2015-Ideas Eco-Friendly-calendar-2015-Ideas-2 Eco-Friendly-calendar-2015-Ideas-3


20. INDOSAT Company Calendar 2015 Design


INDOSAT-Company-Calendar-2015-Design-3 INDOSAT-Company-Calendar-2015-Design-4 INDOSAT-Company-Calendar-2015-Design-2 INDOSAT-Company-Calendar-2015-Design


21. ConocoPhilips 2015 Desk calendar


ConocoPhilips-2015-Desk-calendar-1 ConocoPhilips-2015-Desk-calendar-2 ConocoPhilips-2015-Desk-calendar-3 ConocoPhilips-2015-Desk-calendar-4


22. Goat Animal Calendar 2015 Design


Goat-Animal-calendar-2015-Design Goat-Animal-calendar-2015-Design-2


23. Letterpress Calendar 2015


Letterpressed-Calendar-2015 Letterpressed-Calendar-2015-2


24. Characters Calendario 2015 Design


Characters-Calendario-2015-Design Characters-Calendario-2015-Design-2 Characters-Calendario-2015-Design-3 Characters-Calendario-2015-Design-4


25. Beautiful Illustrations Calendar 2015 Inspiration


Calendar-2015-Ideas Calendar-2015-Ideas-2 Calendar-2015-Ideas-3 Calendar-2015-Ideas-4


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