35+ Beautiful Modern Brochure & Folder Design Ideas 2014

Graphic designers always seem busy in clearing the heaps of tasks they get to submit before the day ends. It is quite an attentive job, the moment the concentration loses its grip, and the imperfect outcome is confirmed. A graphic designer does not keep a watch with him because he knows his tasks take plenty of time and unless he is done with all his pursuits, he cannot take the flight to go back home.

It is very essential for the designers to keep the ingredients of beauty, elegance and smartness in mind while composing an art piece because that helps in bringing innovation and creativity into the tasks. No matter what you do, until you put your entire consideration, attention and love into it, you can never come out as victorious.

Well today I am unveiling 35+ beautiful modern brochures designs & folder design ideas of 2014 that can open up new ways for you to design them differently.

Brochure designs speak as representatives of company/organization. They show the very stance, logic, meaning and forte behind the company. So if we say, they make the impression and uplift the excellence & standard of the organization, it won’t be wrong from any angle. You don’t have to imitate the techniques; neither can you plagiarize somebody’s work because that is not the job of a designer.

He is to derive ideas and inspiration from the work of the experts and contemporaries; he should also add up his own elements into the design pieces so to create a masterpiece in his portfolio. Look through the following collection and I am sure you will find it healthy and true benefactor for your knowledge and inspiration.  Come right back for more such phenomenal stuff coming your way in future.

1. OVO Wrocław Materials Brochure Design


OVO-Wrocław-Materials-Brochure-Design-Ideas OVO-Wrocław-Materials-2 OVO-Wrocław-Materials-3 OVO-Wrocław-Materials-4


2. Le Grand Bornand cutout Brochure Inspiration



Le-Grand-Bornand-cutout-Brochure-Inspiration Le-Grand-Bornand-cutout-Brochure-Inspiration Le-Grand-Bornand-cutout-Brochure-Inspiration Le-Grand-Bornand-cutout-Brochure-Inspiration


3. Polygon Style Creative Brochures Design


Polygon-Style-Creative-Brochure-Design Polygon-Style-Creative-Brochure-Design-2 Polygon-Style-Creative-Brochure-Design-3


4. THE FISH MARKET Brochure Design


THE-FISH-MARKET-Brochure-design THE-FISH-MARKET-Brochure-design THE-FISH-MARKET-Brochure-design THE-FISH-MARKET-Brochure-design


5. Voka Corporate Folder Design


Voka-Corporate-Folder-Design Voka-Corporate-Folder-Design-2 Voka-Corporate-Folder-Design-3


6. Nokia I&M Brochure Design Ideas


Nokia-I&M-Brochure-Design-Ideas Nokia-I&M-Brochure-Design-Ideas-3 Nokia-I&M-Brochure-Design-Ideas-4 Nokia-I&M-Brochure-Design-Ideas-2


7. SXSW 2014 German Haus Modern Brochure Design


SXSW-2014-German-Haus-Modern-brochure-design SXSW-2014-German-Haus-Modern-brochure-design-2 SXSW-2014-German-Haus-Modern-brochure-design-3 SXSW-2014-German-Haus-Modern-brochure-design-4


8. Modern Brochure Design Template


Modern-Brochure-Design-Template Modern-Brochure-Design-Template-2 Modern-Brochure-Design-Template-3 Modern-Brochure-Design-Template-4 Modern-Brochure-Design-Template-5 Modern-Brochure-Design-Template-6


9. Quality Corporativo Catalog Design Inspiration


Quality-Corporativo-Catalog-Design-Inspiration Quality-Corporativo-Catalog-Design-Inspiration-2 Quality-Corporativo-Catalog-Design-Inspiration-3 Quality-Corporativo-Catalog-Design-Inspiration-4 Quality-Corporativo-Catalog-Design-Inspiration-5


10. Insects Unique Brochure Design


Unique-Brochure-Design-ideas-1 Unique-Brochure-Design-ideas-2 Unique-Brochure-Design-ideas-3 Unique-Brochure-Design-ideas-4 Unique-Brochure-Design-ideas-5


11. OCCUPY Wall Street Historical 2 fold Brochure Design


OCCUPY-Wall-Street-historical-2-fold-Brochure-Design OCCUPY-Wall-Street-historical-2-fold-Brochure-Design-2 OCCUPY-Wall-Street-historical-2-fold-Brochure-Design-3 OCCUPY-Wall-Street-historical-2-fold-Brochure-Design-4


12. CNAP Colorful Brochure Design


CNAP-Colorful-Brochure-Design CNAP-Colorful-Brochure-Design-2 CNAP-Colorful-Brochure-Design-3 CNAP-Colorful-Brochure-Design-4


13. Volunteer Park Conservatory Brochure Design


Volunteer-Park-Conservatory-Brochure-Design-3 Volunteer-Park-Conservatory-Brochure-Design-2 Volunteer-Park-Conservatory-Brochure-Design-4


 14. 2 Fold Brochure For Quick Salad


2-Fold-Brochure-For-Quick-Salad 2-Fold-Brochure-For-Quick-Salad-2 2-Fold-Brochure-For-Quick-Salad-3


15. Biodiversity in The Royal Parks Beautiful Brochure Design Example


Biodiversity-in-The-Royal-Parks-Beautiful-Brochure-Design-Example Biodiversity-in-The-Royal-Parks-Beautiful-Brochure-Design-Example-2 Biodiversity-in-The-Royal-Parks-Beautiful-Brochure-Design-Example-3


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