20+ Awe-Inspiring 3D Pencil Drawings by 16 Year Old Artist

Some artists make breathtaking monuments that one can’t believe. You can never judge what is going on the mind of an artist, maybe he looks contented by face but inside his brain there might be a vortex of imagination drowning him, there might be a whirlpool of ideas, a flood of scenarios or a magma of creative impulses trying to find an outlet and making its way out smoothly.

It is obvious, that their minds are different, their perceptions belong to some other world of imagination, and they are fantasy artists who create what exists & what doesn’t exist. They know how to create a utopia from an ordinary world, they know how to draw lifeless things and putting a new streak, a new energy making them mobile. Artists know how to glorify the canvas with their majestic thoughts of art, they know how to make sublime masterpieces, they know how to manage colossal tasks and finish them up in minutes and hours. Artists are worth praising, artists are worth seeing and their works are steppingstones for the contemporaries and also for the generations following suit. Well you can never confer art and creativity to only older artists in their 30s/ 40s or may be beyond. Because even a child can create miracle if he has that power of imagination and creativity at hand.

So I am bringing before you an artist like this, who is not even an adult, but a teenager breathing in his youth and creating lively art pieces. Here I have a collection of 20+ awe-inspiring 3D pencil drawings by 16 Year old artist João Carvalho who has meticulously drawn some breath bouncing pencil drawings. The objects are oozing out of the papers as if holding a real place in this real word. I know you will too get enthralled, astonished and happily surprised by the perception and implementation of this 3D drawings from the hand of a youngster.

What a stir for the experts, professionals and learners too. If a little piece can do it, you can do it too. Just give it a look and find inspiration. Subscribe us for more art and design posts in future as well.

20+ Awe-Inspiring 3D Pencil Drawings by 16 Year Old Artist


























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