28 Awe-Inspiring Floral Wall Art by Brooke & Vicki

Art has a tremendous variety we cannot even count. Whether from drawing to the sculpture making, from painting the canvas to the street art, whether from typography to floral art; nothing is underrated as long as it falls under the category of art. The art genres are farfetched and been adopted by artists since ages however with the passage of time the techniques might get evolved, modified, tilted and transformed.

It is said, people take art as their mind allows. Art is boundless, it is imaginative, and a reality based fantasy, a utopia and a horizon which takes you to some other world of creativity. Even this world is artistically drawn by the hands of God, there is no color that is missing from this universe’s canvas. From blues to pastels, from dim to bright; hence all tints have surrounded us. You cannot reach to the level of understanding an artist has.

He may perceive things from a different prism, different circle and from different spectrum therefore art is there only to be to acknowledged, appreciated and not necessarily understood. Well coming towards my today’s post which I saw for the very first time in my life. It took me by great surprise and with a storm of thoughts in my mind that how an artist can be this perfect in its masterpieces. Every picture corners itself from the other.

Take a look at the post of 28 awe-inspiring floral wall Art by Brooke & Vicki. These mother and daughter (who belongs to Chicago) are simply amazing, their love for nature, beauty and for flowers is pretty visible in their crisp compositions. The floral art is so deep, the petals, flowers and their leaves are carefully crafted. Girls, visages, birds, facial features, trees, house and jewelry are beautifully drawn by flowers. Isn’t it just wow? This is truly effortless, so sharp and pure of art forms that one can ever imagine. I am bedazzled, what about you?

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28 Awe-Inspiring Floral Wall Art by Brooke & Vicki

Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(1) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(28) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(27) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(26) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(25) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(24) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(23) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(22) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(21) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(20) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(19) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(18) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(17) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(16) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(15) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(14) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(13) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(12) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(11) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(10) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(9) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(8) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(7) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(6) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(5) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(4) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(3) Floral-Wall-Art-2016-(2)


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