5 Outdated Web Design Techniques

Any self-respecting company has designers, marketers and content writers. When we talk about content, we keep in mind tools like HandMade Writings that may deliver the high-quality texts on a regular basis and make sure that your posts and articles are trendy enough. However, it’s not so easy to keep your design up to date.

Being a designer means being at the top of the trend and only those who are talented enough can become trendsetters themselves. The best way to determine the future of the design techniques is to make sure that everyone understands what’s old and should be left behind. First of all, we won’t talk about web 2.0 and bevel and emboss today, that’s just obvious and boring as hell, so let’s see what we’ve highlighted for you.


Image Carousel


There are some fair points regarding the image carousels, so we can not only review this as designers but also take a look at this design element from the marketers’ point of view. Any marketer will tell you that image carousel can be considered as a #1 conversion killer. According to the latest studies, only the first image of the whole set usually gets some action and it’s just around 1% of interacting customers. That sucks, right?

As a designer, you should know that carousels are absolute UX killers as well. Since the human eye tends to react to movement, customers get distracted and miss the entire message that you’re trying to deliver. Plus people sometimes consider carousels as banners by default, and we all know what people love to do with banners. They scroll down and neglect them and that’s not how we want to utilize the space on our website.


Using The Traditional Grid


This is a tricky one, cause you can use this phrasing in the same article a few years later. The reason is simple, the understanding of this ‘traditional grid’ tend to change while we get used to new grid ideas. As of today, it will be fair to note that the usual layout that companies use in their portfolios, people use for their blogs and magazines are making everyone sick.

This is the reason why magazines like ‘The Outline’ drive this much attention. Being non-conventional and crazy is the new sexy they say, right?


Parallax scrolling


Now that’s the most disgusting thing that you can experience as a user and we feel sorry if some brand makes you to…

Nike became the pioneer of the parallax scrolling. When they presented their first website with this technology, designers, and fancy magazines started this insane idea copy-pasting and used it everywhere (especially where they didn’t have to). However, parallax scrolling had it’s momentum and now we have to let it go (finally). The main problem with the parallax is that while brands like Nike used it in the most creative way, utilized it in one project and moved on, people forgot to do that. Considering parallax as a long-playing trend was a huge mistake, but now we can say that it’s over and move on!


Badges and Shaped Typography


It’s time to be honest with you and say it out loud… We liked those shaped typography and badges… Seriously, there was something romantic about them, especially when people used them in the travel-related projects with amazing photography. However, if you take a look at it from the UX point of view, you’ll see how much space it takes and how complicated it is to read the text. The industry is on the way to simplifying every text on the website and badges, crests and weirdly shaped typographic ‘art-performances’ are not good for any business. Use more straightforward techniques that will grab your user’s attention and deliver the message you want to. Basically, business is all about it and the design is there to breathe life into your business ideas.


Stock photography


Let’s be honest, everyone is tired of the usual Shutterstock photos with amused faces or weird hipsters looking into the laptops. Yeah, don’t forget about Harold, but it’s fair to admit that those kind of photos are way behind the industry trends for around 5 years now. However, if you take a tour at any design/marketing/development blog you’ll see one of the following free stock photos on any blog post:

  • Some random dude looking into the laptop screen
  • Two weirdos making it look like they’re having a conversation
  • Neon signs (more neon signs for the god of neon!)
  • Some neatly looking apartment (which is completely not related to the topic, yet is looking so damn clean, wow)

Generic photography is not the only problem that your website may have. While designers don’t really pay attention to texts, any marketer and businessman should remember that good writing will always deliver more conversions and more clients. While these techniques are obsolete and should be ignored by designers nowadays, you should always remember that this is a big cycle and one day we may consider badges or carousel cool again.


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