10 Beautiful Restaurant Food Menu Designs For Inspiration

We absolutely love eating food and whenever we go to an eatery and choose what to eat, we pay a lot of attention to the menus too. In today’s article, we will share 20 best menu designs for you to get inspired and make even more creative menus for yourself and for your clients.

Know that a menu is not just a long & detailed list of food items, it is also a marketing material and should be designed and used like such. You can directly communicate with your customers through your menu. And not just that, a menu is also responsible for creating the first ever impression of the eatery – so make sure that you are paying a lot of attention to your menu designs.

You can consider typography as well as iconography for the designs. Colors, textures and photography play a huge role in a design, make sure you are using eye friendly colors and relevant imagery. Most importantly, print finish plays a crucial role for every sort of printing material but for menus, it should be given extra attention.

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There are many factors that make a menu design one of the best designs so keep on reading as we share what things should be kept in mind while designing a menu.

First off, get to know and understand the category of the eatery. If it is a 5 star restaurant, then the font styles and images are serious and mature and if it is a coffee house, then we can pick a font style which is curvy. For a dessert house, go for typography. If it is an eatery that has a cultural theme associated with it then you must go for calligraphy fonts.

If you are working on a menu that has food items for kids as well then make sure that kids section has vibrant colors and cute images so that it can actually attract children to ultimately have the food from that eatery. Other than that, know that using minimal photographs can help the customers etc. have an almost real experience about how their food will look like.

We hope this will help you in designing impressive menus for your personal and professional projects!

1. Executive Restaurant Menu Design Mahonia Bahrain


Executive-Restaurant-Menu-DesignMahonia-Bahrain-2 Executive-Restaurant-Menu-Design-Mahonia-Bahrain Executive-Restaurant-Menu-Design Mahonia-Bahrain-4


2. Troop Food Menu Design Book


Troop-Menu-Book Troop-Menu-Book-2



3. The Brass Onion Menu Design


The-Brass-Onion-Menu-Design The-Brass-Onion-Menu-Design-3






5. LAvenue Restaurant Menu Design


LAvenue-Restaurant-Menu-Design-2 LAvenue-Restaurant-Menu-Design


6. Cote Menu Design


Cote Menu-Design Cote Menu-Design-2 Cote Menu-Design-3


7. Noodlecat Menu Design


Noodlecat-Menu-Design Noodlecat-Menu-Design-2 Noodlecat-Menu-Design-3


8. Zobler’s Deli & Diner Menu Design


Zobler’s-Deli-&-Diner-Menu-Design Zobler’s-Deli-&-Diner-Menu-Design-2


9. Griddle Sakai Menu Book




10. Belgo repositioning A3 Menu Design


Belgo-repositioning-A3-menu-Design-2 Belgo-repositioning-A3-menu-Design


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