From Concept to Reality | 20+ Modern Logo Designs with Sketches

We know this for a fact that while designing a logo, numerous ideas cross the creative minds but the one with the most powerful concept gets finalized. It is important to know that logos for brands are designed to achieve various objectives. Creating awareness is the basic objective but there are brand which choose to revamp the entire story / communication when they are about to launch new products or collections.

There are a lot of techniques used to make the best logo designs but the process requires hours and at times, days of brainstorming, sketching, conceptual discussions and of course revisions. If there is no serious thought process involved in the logo making tasks then it can result in boring and failed logos. For example; creating a minimalistic logo design is a task not everyone can deliver well.
Every task requires practice as well as patience. And it is very important to stay up to date with all the latest design trends, tools etc. If you really want to produce unique art works which can help you stand apart from your co-workers then you should look up for cool design related tutorials and learn new ways of designing logos and everything else for that matter.

We feel great that we are always there for you to provide design related solutions and help you get there where you want to be. In this blog, we have shared modern logo designs with you so that you can take inspirations from them. All you have to do is to pay attention to the color combinations, typography to understand the thought process. By doing so, you will be able to know how an awesome logo can be designed with just the right amount of creativity, basic and pro Photoshop skills and a lot of personal imagination.

We hope that you will find today’s blog interesting and logo designs helpful as well as inspirational. Don’t forget to share them with your friends and colleagues so that they can get inspired and we’ll catch you guys in our next amazing blog soon.

From Concept to Reality | 20+ Modern Logo Designs with Sketches

1. Visual Composer

Rebranding for visual composer, the best WordPress website editor



Proposal for MbitCazino Cryptocurrency website


3. Brandhorn

New identity made for Brandhorn a design and brand communication agency


4. Better than Bamboo

Brand identity designed for Better than Bamboo, palm leaf recyclable plates


5. Appsmith

Logo designed for  AppSmith a 3rd party ecommerce platform


6. TED Orthopedics

Polar bear identity made for


7. WPcrib

A cute duck identity for a news portal (blog) about WordPress for beginners


8. Upiklo

Logo proposal for Upiklo a network of pick up point close to the people


9. The Homestread

The Homestead is the cannabis storefront for Mammoth Farms


10. PVEHERO is a PC Gaming Website


11. Ewok

Mascot created for a messaging platform inspired by the Ewok from Star Wars


12. Bison

Charging bison logo concept


13. Buybot

Shopping card robot logo mascot


14. Piratebit

Pixel skull gaming logo concept


15. Make a drone

Logo made for a company which sells drones that kids build


16. Better than Bamboo

Gradient version for Better than Bamboo palm leaf recyclable plates



17. Budget Badger

Badger identity made for ecommerce business


18. Bench

Bench is a business that makes custom starboard storage and tables for boats


19. Mammoth Farms

A legal cannabis farm in the beautiful mountain of Colorado


20. Desert Farms

Logo proposal for Desert Farms, Camel milk products


21. TED Orthopedics

Another option for Polar bear identity made for


From Concept to Reality | 20+ Modern Logo Designs with Sketches

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