40+ Exquisite Typography Artworks For Inspiration By Dan Foster

Another day, another artist’s typography! Yes, you guys read it right as we will be talking about and sharing some exquisite typography artworks created by Dan Foster. He is a designer, illustrator as well as a lettering artist. And if you have time to visit the Info section of Dan’s website, you’ll get to read a funny description of what he does and what he doesn’t.

Dan has worked for several brands like; Coca Cola, ICI, ASDA, Wool Mark, The Art House, Design Museum, Papyrus, Yorkshire Young Musicians etc. He offers a list of great services to well established brands and start ups and help them stand out from the crowd. From creating logos and brand identity system to working on brand guidelines and packaging as well as creating book covers & posters Dan can do it all for you.

He can also help you build logotypes, signage as well as murals, editorial covers along with custom lettering for your brands. In addition to that, you can also have infographics, portraiture and character designs created by getting in touch with Dan.

We know that we’ve discussed this before but we feel that in this blog we should re-mention it that whenever we share techniques, tips & tricks and art works of artists, the intention is to motivate you to explore your own skills. And if you’re already aware with the set of skills that you possess then our blogs can inspire you to polish your skills and create stunning designs and art works for yourself or for your clients.

Always remember that there are no hard and fast rules to learn a skill or become perfect at something. Almost everything works differently for different people. Your passion to learn new stuff, your environment, lifestyle and study / work schedules play a crucial role when you decide to try something innovative or unique in order to grow personally and professionally. What we mean to say is that don’t stop learning EVER! Get to know yourself, watch tutorials, explore other artists’ works and see what works for you, become a great artist yourself and do us proud.

Credit: instagram.com/danforster/

40+ Exquisite Typography Artworks For Inspiration By Dan Foster


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