Will Coronavirus Affect the Freelance Industry & Work from Home Jobs?

Hi there friends! We hope that you all are doing great at work and in general too. As you all know that more than 100 hundred countries are under the attack of the Coronavirus disease these days and sadly, the death rate is increasing but we are also glad to mention it here that hundreds of people are also recovering from this disease on a daily basis after being kept under strict medical observations.

We are sure that you must have heard the word “quarantine” a lot and we would like to share what it means. So, quarantine is basically a practice that makes sure that the ones who might have caught the virus (of any fatal disease) are kept away from the ones who appear to be healthy. These people are treated medically but it is also safe to say that not everyone who gets quarantined has the disease and after the treatment or when they have fully recovered, they are asked to go back to their houses etc. to resume their normal lives. In short, quarantine prevents the spread of the diseases.

But what exactly is Coronavirus disease and what went “wrong”? Well, Coronavirus is medically known as COVID-19 and it is a family of viruses that includes different types of symptoms in different patients from common cold to severe breathing issues that can then lead to that person’s death but it is also important to note here that this virus can be controlled if the community takes cars of their hygiene and also make sure that they also help in keeping their fellow human beings safe too.

Some of the tips that must be followed by everyone are going to be shared here. For example; it is advised by the medical institutions and organizations that a person needs to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds to make sure that their hands are clean and if they go outside and touch things then they should also remember to not touch their eyes, mouth and face. In addition to that, you must keep tissue papers with you so that you can sneeze into them and then throw them in a dust bin right away (even if you do not have the symptoms).

You must also sneeze in your elbow as this reduces the chances of spreading the virus from one person to another. Although, Coronavirus can be transmitted from animals too but it is also said that the viruses die at 26 to 27 degree Celsius so, it seems like a good idea to be under the sun. Also, keep yourself hydrated all the time as the viruses then won’t be able to survive inside your body.

Despite all the precautionary measures, this virus is still spreading and to stop that from happening, multiple organizations had to shut down their offices. In some countries, educational institutions have been closed down as well so, that the students and the faculty members can stay indoors. Now, the question is: does Coronavirus affect the freelance industry & Work from Home jobs? And we would like to believe and say that no, it does not. Here’s why:

Coronavirus disease can not hit the ones who are staying indoors especially if their country is being badly affected. They are taking all the possible precautionary measures and following all the safety tips that are being shared with the doctors, medical health organizations etc. And in addition to that, we think that it will also help them ensure that they are safe in general – both from catching the disease and also becoming a host to spreading it.

Although, you must have felt the panic in your country too as that’s how the pharmaceutical companies work and when the media starts to cover every tine detail of what is happening in a country or in the world, then that is bound to scare the ones who don’t really know the situation well. Freelance industry and all the people who work from their homes are not just safe but we think that they don’t have to worry about being exposed to an environment that might has the virus – and that we think is a good thing.


Gig economy and the freelance industry will be quite a buzz up ahead and we can expect a boom in coming months as unemployment will rise and escalate periodically. People will prefer under table work more than going directly on-sight. The ratio of jobs will drastically decline in the market after the massive Coronavirus outbreak.

Freelancers earned nearly $1 trillion last year from freelancing, which alludes to the fact that the freelance industry contributed nearly 5% of total U.S. GDP bypassing construction i.e 4.1%. That being said, it is also safe to say that Coronavirus epidemic cannot affect the freelancers and people working from home have been increasing day by day. Online and digital marketing will also increase as there is no or less direct interaction with customers offline. This is also a safe bargain to make to curb the potential of Coronavirus. Countries like Italy is under a stricter lock down and most of the people are working virtually. Consequently, the freelance industry will shoot up and will not be affected directly by the pandemic.

To the ones who had to sit their offices down for a while, we hope that you get to reopen them super soon and that this disease leaves the world without causing any more damage. And if you are one of those people whose office is on a break, we would like to say that don’t be scared, just focus on yourself and on staying healthy and try to spend more time with your loved ones and as far as the work is concerned, divide your day in such a way that you end it on a productive note.



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