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Hi there everyone! We are back with yet another exciting blog of ours and we can be that you all are going to love it as much as we did when we were working on it – mainly because it features a really cool branding design for an eatery and secondly because we are about to share a couple of easy to follow tips and tricks with you guys that will help you work on some amazing projects in the future. But before we do that, we would like to thank you all for the love and support that you send our way and for also motivating us to keep creating what we love to create.   

First things first; we are going to be talking about what a branding design is and how it matters so that those of you who have just started to read our blog and are comparatively newer here as compared to our regular readers know and understand what we are saying, right!? And when we come to the actual point, you guys do not have to consult someone else to decode whatever we have said.  

Okay so, a branding design is basically anything and everything that you happen to create with the help of your creative and design teams and put that in front of the audiences including your competitors, business partners, etc. as the visual representation of your business, the products that you sell or the services that you offer. Your branding design also includes the branded photography or imagery that you use to complement your communication along with the design elements such as the logo, typography, etc.  

All the items mentioned earlier when getting combined and used as one system create the branding design of your business through which your customers, clients, and other people will know and remember you – which precisely means that your branding design has to be so good, so powerful and effective that it entices not just your direct customers but the masses in general too so that whenever they come across a TV commercial made by you or a social media post, they have to share it within their personal and professional circles with the people who are your customers, you know.  

Now, let’s talk about the branding design of ‘You’re The Wurst’; it’s a brand that sells hotdogs but they do that so nicely that one cannot resist but has to make a purchase with them and here is why: the creative and the design teams that were hired by the business turned out the main product, the hotdog into this really cool mascot that wears heart-shaped sunglasses and the personality is truly a playful one so you immediately feel attracted towards the business to know more about them and when you do, you also want to eat a thing or two that they are selling.  

What we really liked about the branding design is the colors that were incorporated into making the designs that were not printed for stickers, tote bags, paper cups, paper bags, aprons, food trays and more. The colors really make everything exciting and fun to look at and the overall look and feel are also responsible for invoking emotions too that can make you check what’s on the menu and all.  

And you know you can also reach that level of creating the need in your potential customers as well? It is a very simple process but it needs focus and a foolproof plan to make all things work in your favor and they will, you just need to be patient with everything that you will bring to the table and we can bet that when you will launch your brand after testing out the branding design, etc. beforehand, you are going to get the results that you are expecting to get from your business.  

We would like you all to go through the branding design in detail, and get to understand the creative thought process behind it so that you can incorporate the learnings into your own designs when you will sit down to make them for yourself.   

That is all for today! We hope that you guys not only had a great time reading the blog but that you will also share it with your friends, colleagues, and everyone else who you think would find our blog useful for their creative and design projects. Do also let us know how you liked reading about the branding design of ‘You’re The Wurst’ in the comments section. And while you are at it, would love to know if you guys have any special requests to make too so that we can work on them and get back here with your requested content and more super soon.  




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