INTEGRA | IT Company Brand Identity Design for Inspiration

Hi, you guys! How are you doing? We hope that all is well at your end and that you are also having a nice time reading our blogs and making the most of them too. For our today’s blog, we wanted to share a brand identity design of an IT company and we are sure that you won’t only enjoy checking it out in detail but you will also be able to work on your upcoming brand identity design projects in style too. We can’t wait to share everything that you guys need to know to get started but before we do that, we would like to take a moment to thank you for your love and support. And we hope to receive more of that in the future too.

If you guys are our regular readers, then we are sure that you must have read several blogs in the past that talk about creating brand identity designs. And we are sure that you were able to utilize the learnings from them to work on your personal and commercial projects. However, today’s blog is a little different mainly because it features the brand identity design of an IT company, INTEGRA. Secondly, because this brand identity design is not only to show off what the company does but it needed to be nothing but on point so that it could attract the right kind of audience and even business partners for that matter.

When it comes to IT companies and how they brand themselves, it becomes extremely important for them to pay more attention to their communication (with the outside world) as compared to other companies that are running their businesses in the world. You must be wondering why an IT company has to be that careful while establishing relationships with their audiences, prospective employees, partners, etc., right? Don’t worry because we are about to tell you why! 😀

Okay so, an IT company does many things. Such as software development, computer networking, providing cybersecurity, etc. Now, all that an IT company does is like a lot many things and then some more. And the people who are working at the IT companies cannot go to other people in person and tell them about their services and products. So, what they will do is they will develop their brand identity design that will speak for them – that too in a way that’s intriguing, easy to understand and that will also convince the potential clients, employees, etc. to get in touch and utilize all that is being offered to them.

We are sure that by now, you have understood that IT companies require branding designs as much as other companies do. But there is more to our blog. For example; does an IT company launch a website and start sharing their services there? So that whoever is interested can just call them to get things done? No! IT companies need to be smarter than doing just that. Such as they need to work on brand identity designs that are innovative, depict professionalism, and also talk about safety and control. In addition to that, an IT company’s brand identity design must also focus on the ambitions of the company itself. And that’s exactly how the very creative people behind INTEGRA’s brand consulting team worked on the company’s brand identity design. Let’s explore the crucial aspects of the brand identity design together!

So, the task was to rebrand the company’s existing branding design and create something that would complement its existing strategies while also paying attention to plans. We must also mention here that INTEGRA specializes in digitalizing different sectors such as transport and logistics, production, agro-industry, fuel energy, oil and gas production, etc. So, the brand identity design was supposed to be created in such a way that it could depict the company’s rich history and combine it with the elements of creating an analogy between two roles; navigator and the hero in the context of offering digital business solutions.

That is all for today, everyone! If you liked reading the blog, don’t forget to share your valuable feedback with us in the comments section down below. While you are at it, we would like you guys to share this blog with your friends, colleagues, and students so that they can get inspired to create their fascinating brand identity designs in no time. Lastly, we also want you guys to let us know about your special requests so that we can work on them and be back here with your requested content and more super soon. Until next time, keep reading and sharing our blogs with the people that you love and care for.


INTEGRA | IT Company Brand Identity Design for Inspiration



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