Amazingly Detailed Illustrations by Alex Konahin

No matter what field you are working, if you do it heartlessly, it will reflect your lack of attention and interest; perhaps the results will show themselves that the work is not done with conviction and devotion. One always has to put “heart and soul” to whatsoever one undertakes. A work of art needs “spirit”, a painting which is made by an artist has a whole lot meaning, he has put a well-knit thought behind it, you can see the heart of him talking to you visually with spectacular colors, and this is the beauty of art.

An artist is always close to nature, he enjoys the beauty around him, paints the perfection which was once an ugly thing; he knows how to beautify things with his own hands. Now with the technology and advancement, new and innovative software come hitting the design world. Even the worst of things are elaborated and exaggerated that almost look so meticulous. After drawing, artists give it a final picture with the use of Illustrator which is one of the most used and apt software for touch-ups.

Today I am unfolding amazingly detailed illustrations by Alex Konahin who belongs to Ventspils, Latvia and is skillful in drawings, illustrations and fine arts. I am deeply impressed by his work and I was so motivated to put together a collection for all of you for inspiration. Illustrations came out of his hands with super details and realism; obviously it requires creativity and talent which is balanced by experience and practice of Alex. Do share your opinions about it!

Without imagination, an artist’s work can never be thought of, his imagination leads him everywhere to explore new horizons and discover the unimaginable. Illustration is a visual art in which various techniques are used to make the drawings even more raw, clear, perfect and picturesque.

It shows the excellence of the artist, his brain, and his clever performance too. Have a look at the following collection to get bedazzled.






















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