Do You Know How to Pronounce These 10 Brands Correctly?

Hi there everybody! We hope that you guys are doing great and that your work life is treating you well too. Your overwhelming response on our previous blogs, especially on the Halloween ones made us so happy and we would want to know how your party was so, feel free to tell us in the comments section. For our today’s blog, we are not doing anything design related but what we have is quite interesting and we can bet that you are going to love it too. Let us get started!

So, today we are going to be talking about the different that we are familiar with when it comes to brands. Although, there are is no right or wrong about it, but it is important to at least know how to say a brand name correctly. You might know a lot of people who believe in the idea that proper nouns can be said however a person would like to say them. Then there are geographical reasons why and how a person’s pronunciation may be different from the pronunciation of a name for example; not many people know the sound of the ‘r’ word when it is used in a French word, name, place etc.

When it comes to marketing a brand, we think that showing pretty creative posts on social media, making and on airing intriguing ads on the TV etc. are not enough. The brand team has to do more than just that to make sure that whatever they are doing is being heard – and not just locally but it should be accessible for the world for example the pronunciation itself of a brand or a product should be put out there for the direct and indirect audiences to know how to pronounce it, you know.

We are sure that you must have come across brands that are not said like you say their names or you may have even purchased from such brands but because of little to no education on how the name(s) should be pronounced, many people around the globe do not really bother about saying the names correctly. Well, we would like to mention it here that it is not a bad thing to say a word in a different way than it is supposed to be said but it is always a good idea to keep improving yourself for a better communication – if nothing else.

You would also have brand names or even people’s names that are not pronounced how they should be pronounced in your country too but for this blog, we are only going to mention a handful of 10 brands that are not pronounced correctly (worldwide) and of course, their correct pronunciations as well so, keep reading this blog to know more about ‘em!

The first brand on our list is Hermès. Now, when you look at it, some part of you would want to say ‘Her-Mees’ which is not the correct way to say it. It is ‘Air-Mez’. The ‘h’ is completely silent and there is no sound of a double ‘e’ in it. Then we have Adobe on our list and we had to put it in the list for the majority of our audience for very obvious reasons – the first and the foremost being that most of you use it for your personal and professional design projects. So, it is ‘Uh-Doe-Be’ and not A-Dobe. Saying ‘Uh-Doe-Be’ sounds kinda cute too and are living for that.

The next brand name on our list is Renault. Now, the first instinct would be to say it like the way it looks, right which is ‘Re-Nault’ but we would like to put it out there that, that is so not the case as the correct pronunciation is ‘Re-No’. The next brand that we have on the list in our favorite one when it comes to the pronunciation because it has been there since forever and most people still do not know how to say Nike correctly. We think that it is on the brand team to help their direct & indirect audiences with the correct pronunciation. All right so, it is ‘Nai-Key’ and not ‘Naik’. And next time a friend of yours say it like it is ‘Naik’, politely tell them how to say it correctly.

Then we have Van Heusen. Many people say it like it is ‘Van Hoo-Sen’ when it is ‘Van Hew-Son’. The origin of this clothing brand is Pennsylvania but with the passage of time, the brand has expanded to the New York City so, we (kind of) feel that the pronunciation should become an integral part of the communication for the people who do not live in the US etc.

We also decided to add the following brands to the list as well:

Lamborghini is one of those brand names that not a lot of people know how to say correctly as we get to hear ‘Lambor-Ghini’ when it is ‘Lambor-Ghee-Nee’. Similarly, Volkswagen’s correct pronunciation is ‘Folks-Vah-Gun’ and not ‘Volks-Wagon’. The correct way to say Yves Saint Laurent is ‘Eve San-Lo-Ron’ so you might want to drop the ‘Ves Saint Lau-Rent’. Stella Artois must be said like: ‘Steh-La Arr-Twa’ and not like ‘Stell-La Arr-Toys’.  Lastly, we have Adidas on our list and the correct way to say it is ‘Aah-Dee-Das’ and not ‘Uh-Deed-Ass’.

Do You Know How to Pronounce These 10 Brands Correctly?

Adobe Hermes Adidas YvesSaintLaurent Nike

Van-Heusen Stella-Artois Lamborghini Volkswagen Renault



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