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Hello there everybody! Since you guys have read the title of our blog, we are going to dive right into that but allow us to thank you all for your overwhelming response on our previous blogs, for always supporting us and for also making sure that you share the content with your friends and favorite colleagues as well. Without you guys, this wouldn’t have been possible so keep creating content, designs, artworks and more by following our creative ideas and freebies.

If the words NFT art sound unfamiliar to you and if you don’t know the meaning of the term, we are here to share everything that you need to know about it because it can be a goldmine for graphic designers. To know something and to do it perfectly are two different things, to be honest so our suggestion to you would be that you need to first acquaint yourself with what NFT art is and then dive into it in order to develop content and earn from it.

So What is NFT?


In easy to explain words; NFT stands for non-fungible token which is a non-interchangeable unit of data that is stored on a digital ledger. NFTs are used to represent content that is easy to produce such as images, videos, audios and every type of digital files that exist on the internet. Blockchain technology is used to establish a public and verified proof of ownership. So, what it means that when you have NFTs, you also have the right to publicly own it as well so that everyone knows it belongs to you – just like regular money except that it does not have a tangible form and can only be used on the internet.

Okay so, first things first; as we have mentioned above as well, NFT art only exists online (of course) – you own it, but you cannot touch it. This art can be in any form like a music composition, an artwork, an art piece etc. and most interestingly a meme too. If you think that we tried to stress on the meme thing, that’s because we did. Creating memes is becoming an industry of its own where people get paid to create memes and we sure can expect people getting hired for such jobs too because well, it is a thing, it is very real and the whole internet works on them so why not, right?

Now, initially, many people thought that memes are posts, tweets, statuses or snaps that are funny. But that’s not true. Anything that you post online in the form of an image, video or words is considered a meme and when it is uploaded on the internet and gets the attention to become viral, that’s when a memer / meme creator can get money out of it. At least, that is what NFT art is going to be in the near future because people have finally started to realize the worth of the content that is created for the netizens* and it’s about time that the creators get something out of it.

*Netizens: Users of the internet

If all of this feels like a little too overwhelming then we would suggest you take things one by one, explore the world of NFTs, you can start from these links

  1. binance.com/en/nft
  2. opensea.io

and the opportunities that come with it and then go for it and you will see that everything will work out in your favor. Create your own NFT art submit on these two platforms and list them on sale. Teams of the platforms will review the uniqueness just to make sure it is appropriate to publish on their website. It may take a day for you to wait. Once it is approved your NFT art will be listed on the marketplace as an auction or fixed price for sale all according to your wish. You can also list your NFT art for a fixed time to make urgency and receive higher bids in a couple of hours.

NFT is relatively new in the market and still, it is a child. Something to remember is that you should only dive in when you know completely about it by following the trend. Without prior knowledge about something online and going all-in can be risky at times especially when everyone is learning and trying to be better at NFT itself. As far as it is a goldmine is concerned, we would love to encourage you to create content that is unique so that you can put it on sale for a higher price.

Do check out top collectors and best sellers so you can have an idea of what people are looking for but that is only to give a rough idea of what is going on in the marketplace. Create whatever you are good at and once you have gotten enough information and want to go all NFT, go for it.

On that note, guys, we would like to close the curtains so that you can all go read up more on NFT art and we can work on more exciting content for you.

So, if you liked reading this blog, do share your feedback with us in the comments section and also share your requests and suggestions as well. Until next time, let’s keep creating great things!



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