10 Handy Guidelines For a Logo Design | Tips for Beginners

Logo is that corporate identity which makes up the stance and impression of a company/organization. Before starting a business firm or a company, the owner wants an appropriate logo design for his platform so that people would keep the company’s existence in mind and won’t forget its landmark.

A logo design works like magic, it helps communicating the niche, façade and forte of the organization therefore it is highly recommended that logos should not be ambiguous in appearance to put people into “wondering” mode. A logo has to represent the company’s perspective and should act like its spokesperson.

Just by looking at a company’s logo design, one can know what is the meaning, motive, ideology and story behind the corporation. A graphic designer should be open to ideas; he should use the elements of creativity and innovation in his designs rather than stereotyping the stuff. He can bring a new streak and a flash of novel gesture in the logo design to make it different and yet so unique.

However to extract ideas, one can always look up to the works of the experts, through this, the process of designing and creating logo designs becomes way too easy. A logo design should neither be too simple or too complex. Here is a tip for all: use apt colors, don’t go overboard with the design, and keep it within creative boundaries, a fanciful logo design can sometimes be not gotten across easily. It should be easy enough to be understood by a common man of average intellect.

Here I am presenting before you 10 guidelines for a logo design. For the new designers this little post can make big differences, because if they keep certain cardinal ingredients of designing a logo, in their minds, it would become easy for them to do it nicely. Have a glimpse at the important commandments and I am sure it will be fruitful for you for your coming logo projects.






Via: DesignMantic


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