Are Business Cards Dead or Still Effective?

Hi there guys! We hope that you enjoy reading our insightful blogs and also find our creative mock-up PSD and design templates super useful for your personal & professional projects. So, we (finally) got to meet our friends after a long time and all of us decided to catch up on whatever has been happening in our lives and that eventually led to our work too and we were happy to discuss that too.

One of the interesting topics of our discussion was business cards as half of the group was saying that business cards are becoming a pert of history while the rest of us were of the viewpoint that it is not only cool to (still) have a bunch of business cards with you in a nice card holder whenever you are at work or out for a meeting but it is one of the most easiest and effective ways to exchange your contact details with other business professionals.

Here is how our conversation went – oh, don’t worry, we are not going to share the actual conversation here in quotation marks and all but well, there are some things that you must know! So, our friends who think that business cards are now dead, and companies and personnel must stop investing in having the business cards designed have many (good) reasons to back their “argument”. For example; now everyone has got a mobile phone and even if it isn’t a smart phone, you can still take it out of your pocket and type in the details of the person you would want to stay in touch with.

If you are planning to contact someone professionally then LinkedIn could help you in multiple ways – all you have to know is the full name of the person as well as of the organization where they work. It is not a task that would require a lot of your time so, we think that this is also a valid point to say that business cards are not effective anymore.

If the connection is a little less formal then you can also get in touch with a person through their social media platforms but here, we would like to suggest that only contact them over Facebook as Instagram and Snapchat are more on the fun and casual side of the spectrum and you would not want to creep out your new connection.

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By the way, if you guys just got sold out and now think that business cards are actually dead then we would like to inform you all to take a step back and continue reading this blog so that you can know how that is not entirely correct and why us and some other friends of ours hold the point that business cards are still effective and must stay in business as well.

As we have mentioned it earlier as well, it is considered that business cards are used to exchange information quickly. That is a fact, and no one can deny that, to be very honest. But we believe that there is more to be said in this regard. For example; if we were to talk about a team of any organization whatsoever, business cards have the ability to make an employee or a member of the team feel special / important. They get a feeling that they have been accepted at their “not so new” organization and that the board members would like it if a new team member starts associating themselves with the company.

Also, if you want to create a strong in-person bond then we think that having a business card is a must. It is cool – there, we said it again and if your company’s card is designed creatively and has something in it which is just so attractive then know that it is going to be shared too with more people and even some more so, make sure that your business card is the one that stands out – just like that!

Business cards also ensure that your “message” was delivered effectively, and you will also be remembered or we would like to describe it as a physical reminder of someone you just met at the conference, you know!?

Now, you must be thinking about which side to choose because we get it, it is a tough spot and while we think we have gone all digital and everything is literally a few taps away, we would still be needing our business cards to use frequently. It is a professional way of sharing your contact information and indirectly promoting the brand / organization you are currently working for.

And of course, we would love to stay connected with our followers and business friends on LinkedIn and on other social networking platforms but we would also exchange our business cards to reinforce the idea that we “exist” beyond our digital screens as well. So, if you are still confused then know that even if you decide that business cards are old school or dead, there will be professionals who won’t take out their smart devices to get your phone number but they will present to you, their cool business cards – make sure you receive ‘em with a wide smile!

If you are stilling thinking here you go. . .

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Unique-Business-Card-2020 Unique-Business-Card-2020-2


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