Stay at Home A Creative Logo Virus Series by Thunderbolt Studio

Hi there guys! We are back with yet another interesting blog of ours and we know that you are going to love it. Know that we are well aware that almost all of you are now working from your homes and no doubt, it must be difficult to self-isolate but this is what have to do for ourselves and for our loved ones. And to cheer you guys up, we thought to create a collection of all the stay at home “Logovirus” series by the Thunderbolt Studio (London, United Kingdom).

The amazing and super creative people who work at the Thunderbolt Studio are trying to create designs that are subtly funny and through their content, they have tried to share some precautionary measures too and we are actually glad that although, this Coronavirus is trying to demotivate us in multiple ways, we are bouncing back with our creativity & imagination and are also trying to be there where we do not feel depressed or sad.

So, let’s get straight to these nice and full of good vibes logos for the Logovirus series which are not going to scare you or anything but you will be able to relate to them in a way that they will go right through the heart and since all these logos are so witty, we know that you will have a great time looking at them!

We are going to be starting by following the same sequence that the Thunderbolt Studio’s guys have on their Behance. The first logo that was created by these super creative and imaginative people is of Amazon that goes like “We will feel Amazon again.” And this is something that has to be said every day, every hour – if we have some time to do that. This logo is not just witty on it own but it also has that positivity and optimism that this world needs right now, and we genuinely hope that we get to feel amazing again super soon!

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Next up is the Actimel logo and if you don’t know what that is, then we would like to share that it a product of French brand (Danone) is basically a yogurt like drink and guess what was created out of the already existing logo?! It says “Don’t Actimel like a stupid.” And we love it too because we are sure that most of you know that the world could not really accept the fact that they were going to be kept inside their houses. In some countries, it is being done by force now as all the people want to contain the spread of the virus and it can only happen if we don’t act like a bunch of stupid people who cannot stop going out.

Carrefour’s “new” logo is one of our favorite logos from the Logovirus series because of how to the point it is and the wit is also 10/10 and we have to say that we love it. “Be Carrefour and take precautions.” – Be careful and take precautions! Get it? Well yeah, that is how it rolls and we are quite impressed.

“You can Cheerios another day.” Is one of those logos that you should be read everyday because it is extremely nice and to the point. The people at Thunderbolt Studio made sure that all their creations are subtle and they also deliver the message in a second and by making this logo, they are saying that we can cheer another day and we hope that, that day comes super soon!

“Staying at home is a good IKEA” because staying at home during the COVID-19’s outbreak is a good idea and that needs to reinforced because there are still huge groups of people who are not taking this virus seriously and they also want to party all day, all night because they think that staying indoors is for the weak but the truth is that, we all need to stay indoors so, that not only we are safe but also because we don’t want to be the carriers for any of our loved ones.

Know that everyone who has taken the decision of working from home for themselves as well as for their team members are intelligent people and to connect it with intel, the logo goes like “Be intel and stay safe.” Again, another example of a really witty logo and it makes a lot of sense too.

Doctors and healthcare staff around the world are repeating this time and again that is really important for all of us to wash our hands the moment we come back to our house, the moment we happen to touch something that might be infected and we need to do that for like 20 seconds to make sure that no germs stay on the skin and with Kleenex’s logo, it became easier to say “Don’t forget to Kleenex your hands.”

There are many other logos too that you guys need to have a look at, and we are sure that you will enjoy your time while being self-quarantined. Don’t forget to wash your hands and also don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and family members as well!

Stay at Home Logovirus Series by Thunderbolt Studio

Actimel logo stay at home amazon logo stay at home carrefour logo stay at home dyson logo stay at home fairy logo stay at home

ikea logo stay at home intel logo stay at home jeep logo stay at home kinder logo stay at home kleenex logo stay at home listerine logo stay at home reebok logo stay at home skippy logo stay at home snicker logo stay at home tate logo stay at home the guardian logo stay at home ugg logo stay at home vanish logo stay at home

Credit: Thunderbolt studio


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