30+ Cool & Creative Outdoor Sign Board Design Ideas

Hello there friends! We hope that you all are keeping safe and that your work life is treating you well too. Earlier this week when we were working on the list of items that we needed to create the designs for, we decided to share a few things for inspirational purposes as well and here we are today with our interesting blog of creative yet inspiring sign design so, let us get started!

As it is pretty evident from the name, the sign design literally looks like a sign and you can use it to brand your business and to talk about your services and products as well. Unlike logos, sign designs consist of words (brand name) and are designed and used to communicate with the target audiences. There are a number of ways and techniques to design the signs and of course, as per the requirements of the design brief, the material to create these signs can also vary from business to business.

These graphical presentations or sign designs can also use a little bit of history about the brand as well like the year when that particular business was established and things like that but the main idea is to keep it simple and look more of a sign – neat, subtle and to the point. Like any branding material, sign also has objectives and goals that must be achieved such as becoming a visual representation of the business, promoting the business, speaking to your customers on your behalf and things like that.

And of course, like a logo or a symbol, a sign can also make or break your business. In this part of our blog, we will share a bunch of tips & tricks that can help you create your sign designs in no time by also ensuring that whatever you create is powerful and speaks for itself when it comes to then branding of your business. Like every branding project, signs are to be created by doing enough homework first and that includes thoroughly knowing the purpose of your business / brand before you move on to the next step.

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Your next step is to see what your competitors are doing; where they are and how they are doing it also matters. Although, signs go up outside stores, shops and cafés, you must also see if your business rivals’ strategies for their digital and social media platforms as well to know better. We are sure that at this point you must already know who your target audience is and how they get in touch with you through the outlets that you have provided for them but just in case you are deciding on the audience, get to know them in a better way through surveys, polls, questions etc. By doing so, you will be able to determine and categorize them well.

If you have not worked on your brand statement yet, you might want to do that too so that you can proceed further. Brand statements normally mention why you are in the market, what your business does and how it does what it does, and of course, the unique selling point(s) as well. Now, it is also important for you to know that you have to say all of that using minimum number of words – only then you will be able to make an impression because ain’t nobody got time to read a lot especially when it is on a signage, you know?!

Your branding materials must always depict your commitments (towards the community or your customers) and that can be done if you know how to form your brand voice. It must be unique, precise, easy to understand and you must also make sure that you are doing what you are saying. In short, your brand signage must reflect what you are doing while you are in the market.

We have seen many brands failing over the years and that happens when the brand managers or the creative agencies lack the confidence and do not believe in the idea of taking risks. You must have seen many different kinds of signage that goes up and live on daily basis, but it is only one thing that makes all of that work and it is the way they stand out and apart from the crowd. No one said that it is something easy; but it is doable, and you can get there too. Want to know how? Feel free to go through our creative sign design for inspiration as well as to create your very own designs for your business or for your client’s and we can bet that you will be able to take your branding game to the level where it deserves to be.

That is all from our end today! When you do create fun designs, don’t forget to share details of them with us in the comments section down below.

Images Credit: danthoniadesigns.com

30+ Cool & Creative Outdoor Sign Board Design Ideas


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