40+ Creative Interactive Illustrations With Simple Objects

Hello there everyone! We hope that you all are keeping safe and that you are also having a great time reading our blogs and whatever we share here so that you can make your creative and design projects more than just awesome. Our today’s blog doesn’t have a free mock-up PSD file but what we do have to share with you guys is something that is going to inspire each one of you and we just can’t wait for that to happen so, let us get started, shall we!?

We can bet that you must have seen many different artists making art after getting inspired from super random things such as traffic signs and notice boards, billboards, clothes, plants and stuff like that. Then we also know people including ourselves that can imagine a face in the clouds too but to create that thing out of it is called the real art, you know. Similarly, when you look closely at things that are right in front of your eyes, you start thinking of other ideas and things too and then you end up with unique art pieces and more.

Our lives are based on ideas that inspire us in one way or the other and then we incorporate those ideas into creating something else. If you are a marketer, then you would know that many a times, when a new ad starts making rounds on the TV and internet, a bunch of people say that it was a copy of so and so ad. We think that instead of calling something a copy of some other thing, we need to change the narrative by saying that this idea was inspired from that idea and see how that will change our perception towards almost everything.

What we have with us today is something unique and brilliantly thought about by the artist; Sam Lay. His idea behind creating illustrations is simple and that revolves around the human interaction with what they are seeing on their digital screens. In this age and time, when the attention span is brief and people do not happen to spend too much time on anything, Sam’s creative illustrations speak to you in a way that you could have never imagined.

The illustrations are not too complicated if you look at them closely, but you do pause for a moment to see what’s happening and when you reach that point, you will realize that you smile and appreciate the skills and creative thinking of this intelligent guy. If you are wondering why we are sharing 40+ best interactive illustrations with you guys, then we would love to share it here that we want your creative juices flow so that you can think of amazing things and ideas and end up on your work table creating stunning art. You must be thinking that at times, doing that is not too easy, right? Allow us to share how you can be just as good Sam or any other artist for that matter if you know how to do things the right way.

We all know that we are so busy in our personal and professional lives that we do not get to maintain a balance and while that’s true, we would also like to mention it here that, that’s not something that cannot be changed or controlled. We agree that there are times when we are suffering from the creative block and we really do not have get to finish basic jobs that we started days ago. We also know that getting done with routine work can be boring at times too but there are ways to deal with all of that. For example; to know that there is a problem is the first step towards the solution of the problem. Secondly; you must ensure that you set a routine for whatever you do – even if it’s something as minor as writing a blog or coloring an adult coloring book.

Inspirations do not come when you spend hours looking at things in fact, that brilliant idea can come when you are getting done with your grocery shopping or when you are organizing your wardrobes etc. but that is also the moment when you have to hold on to that thought so that you can take it forward to your iPad, tablet or laptop where you can actually draw it. And that’s why we loved Sam’s illustrations: these are amazingly simple yet so intriguing that you will find it hard to look away.

Our favorite illustration is the one with the Apple AirPods Pro. And we will leave you guys to not only pick your favorite one from this amazing collection of powerfully interactive illustrations but to also see where these ideas can take you to and we can bet that, that would be a magical place. Do share your feedback and suggestions in the comments section down below and we will see you guys next time with something even more fun!

Credit: Sam Lay

40+ Creative Interactive Illustrations With Simple Object



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