50+ Magical Illustrations by Devin Elle Kurtz

Hi there everybody! We are super excited for our today’s blog because we will share an amazing collection of magical illustrations by a wonderful concept artist Devin Elle Kurtz and we can bet that you won’t be able to look away once you will start viewing the illustrations that she has created. But before anything, we would like to take this moment to thank you all for your overwhelming response on our previous blogs, for sharing your feedback with us and for also letting your friends know about whatever is happening in the design & tech world. We’re thankful for readers like you who support us, and we would love to see that happening in the future too.

As you all know that one of our favorite categories of creating content is covering an artist’s work and how amazing they are at literally everything they create but more importantly, they do not keep their skills and techniques as a secret no one can know about, they take their amazing work to the internet and use their platforms like websites, Facebook Pages as well as Instagram accounts to share whatever they have learned and created. You know what happens when artists are generous enough to do that? They make sure that whatever they know should be shared with the ones who might need some motivation to start something new or to inspire others on order to make this world a place that is full of creativity, beautiful illustrations and magical art. We know that we have said this before as well, but we legit love such artists who keep spreading knowledge by making it accessible.

We would like to share a formal introduction of the artist Devin with you guys so that you can read up on her during your free time to get to know what she does and creates. So, Devin is also known by the name TamberElla on the internet – she is a Californian concept artist, a painter as well as an illustration. Her story of finding her thing and then sticking to it is quite interesting that when she was young, her mother got herself enrolled in a college to study graphic design and she got a Wacom tablet to create things that was she supposed to create at that time.

In addition to that, Devin’s mom got Photoshop too and the fun part is that she didn’t get her child coloring books, but she allowed us to be busy with the Wacom tablet and Photoshop and create whatever she would want to create. We are not gonna lie, we are a little jealous mainly because not everyone gets access to things like that at such a young age and honestly, when you do get started a t a very young age, it becomes easier for you to grasp new information quickly too. Because when we get older, we get busy in so many other things that we are always finding excuses to delay a new course, even a crash learning program and then of course, we do not get ourselves acquainted with things that can help us in the longer run, you know?!

Devin says that painting brings her peace and she wishes to pass it on to other people too. She also says that she was a fan of magic when she was growing up and would watch Studio Ghibli movies too and we think now we know how everything is connected and is quite evident from her magical illustrations as well. Oh, and we would like to know what you guys think about what we are about to say: we do not feel that these are illustrations, they have so much life in them that they look like real – so powerful and detailed and inspiring too. We have become a fan of Devin and we can bet that you guys feel the same. If you have made it till here, we would like you all to sit down in your favorite spot and go through these magical illustrations created by Devin and spend some time on each one of them – know that there was a thought process behind creating these illustrations and you will be able to find that connection too (if you wish to do that!).

That is all, folks! We hope that you had a great time reading our today’s blog and that you will also find these magical illustrations by Devin Elle Kurtz full of inspiration too. Don’t forget to let us know which illustrations you liked the most in the comments section and do share the blog with your favorite colleagues and friends as well – especially with those who are into creating illustrations and more. And we will see you guys next time with something more exciting, more magical!

Credit: Instagram || tamberella.deviantart.com

50+ Magical Illustrations by Devin Elle Kurtz



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