Granger Handcrafted Jewellery Minimalist Identity Design

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If you have been reading our blogs for a long time now, you would know that we have shared multiple ideas and easy-to-follow tips & tricks to help you all create amazing brand identity designs in the past but we would like to start from the basics for those who have just come across the blog so that they can understand what we are talking about and can also make informed decisions regarding creative and design strategies. Keep reading the blog so that you can work on fantastic stuff!

Okay so, brand or corporate identity design basically means how a business presents itself in front of the masses and its target audiences as well along with putting up a good show for other businesses too in order to get in touch with them for partnership, etc. The brand identity design consists of your visual communication and the usage of trademarks with anyone and everyone that you would like to do business with but in addition to that; your product designs, advertising strategy, public relations and services/solutions also fall under the category of the brand identity design – as these are the factors that can make or break your image which means all of it has to be so good, that the concerned persons get in touch with you to avail your services and buy your products.

The basic steps to working on brand identity design are mentioned below and we would encourage you guys to ensure that you follow all of them to make sure that your brand identity is on point:

  1. Get to know who you are as a business. Develop your brand positioning and work on the voice that you want to amplify through your branding.
  2. Plan out the things for the future; how do you see your brand in the market for say 3 years? What will be your commitments towards the audiences and how frequently would you like to revisit them?
  3. Find out what your competitors are doing – this isn’t for stalking but to know how you can offer better services and solutions to your customers and clients.
  4. Keep everything in focus – not just your logo designs but all your visual representation must be in sync and it should reflect your brand tone and identity in powerful ways.
  5. Take risks, and be bold as brands that know what they are doing can make a mark more easily than brands that do not know what they are in for. Remember that you might get criticism and hate too, but you need to keep moving in the forward direction.

That being said; let’s now talk about the identity design of Granger – A handcrafted jewellery brand that runs the business in Montreal by the local jeweller Myriam Granger who creates these very intricate jewellery pieces which are originally sculpted to offer a unique experience to the customers. We are sure that when you guys will go through their jewellery collections, you will notice their very engaging way of communicating with their audience and they made it all happen with the help of their powerful brand identity designs.

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From the jewellery itself to the jewellery cards, visiting cards, and the branding; they have kept it to the point with all the subtle colours and typography. And of course, with the human element added to the imagery, everything looks amazing too. These are the pointers that you must keep in mind when you are working on your brand identity designs and we can bet that you will be able to achieve all your business goals effortlessly.

That is all for today, you guys! If you liked reading the blog, do let us know in the comments section and also share how you are planning to work on the identity designs for your upcoming projects. Also, feel free to share the blog with the people that you work with, your students as well as your acquaintances too so that they can get inspired and can also execute a couple of amazing projects for their personal and commercial clients. Oh, and if you guys have any special requests to make, do send them our way and we will come back with your requested content and more super soon.

Credits: Source
Client: Myriam Granger, jeweller 
Brand Identity and Naming: Rachel Lecompte & Gabriel Lefebvre
Art Direction: Rachel Lecompte
Photography: Virginie Gosselin
Photo Retouching: Visual Box
Model: Gabrielle Deschênes
MUA: Valeria Amirova

Granger Handcrafted Jewellery Minimalist Identity Design



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