20 Day-To-Day Lies Typography Design Quotes

Every day we tell truths, lies and an amalgamation of half truth and half lie; it depends at what thing we are talking about or to whom we talk to? Each day begins with such lies we used to keep ourselves telling on daily basis. These may be sarcastic, witty, humorous and ironical in a way too. There is no harm in doing so for the sake of fun and amusement.

Today I am bringing along with all such lies you must have told to yourself, keeping your hands off food in mind but still having it in real, having a strict diet plan but not achieving it from any angle, planning to do yoga in the morning but in reality yawning or rather not even bothered to wake up.

Typography is a beautiful art which gives life to your designs and thoughts. It’s a completely modern vocal art which enhances the design and adds to the beauty of it. Scroll down to get day to day lies typography design quotes and do share it with your friends. They would probably be wondering how come these lies are so true. Take it away.

day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (1)
Calories don’t count on the weekend


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (2)
My room isn’t that messy


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (3)
i will only have one glass of wine tonight


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (4)
i am not that hungry


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (5)

3 hours of sleep is enough


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (6)
These jeans will fit in a month


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (7)
My diet starts tomorrow


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (8)
I don’t need to study


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (9)
These heels don’t hurt


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (10)
I will be there in 5 minutes


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (11)
No room for dessert


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (12)
I’ll shave my legs tomorrow


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (13)
Self Medicate with Chocolate


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (14)


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (15)
I have read & agreed to the terms and conditions


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (16)
I’ll just have a salad


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (17)
Window shopping


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (18)
I will save half of this pay check


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (19)
We are just friends


day-to-day-lies-typography-design-quotes-witty-sarcastic-sayings (20)
I’m Sorry

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