130 Free Long Shadow 3D Social Media Icons | PNGs & Vector Files

Being a graphic designer, I look up to new things and come into terms with innovative tasks each day, I always want a streak of freshness and beauty in every design I have to create on daily basis. Stepping out of the comfort zone is the point where the road towards success begins. So I never like to lean on stuff I have already worked on, it is always about creativity and uniqueness on every single piece I see and create with every new design element.

Social media icons are the nitty-gritties of a blog now, people cannot perceive their blogs/websites without having them, as they are the source through which people stick to the blog, subscribe to it via social media networking sites and thus are able to view new and updated posts in future too. They are the pertinent aspect of the blogs to fetch audiences with their magnetic pull and give a perennial outcome in the long run.

Social media icons can be put on the header, footer or any way possible place where they look eye catchy so people don’t overlook them and must “click” on them to get connected to the podium; this choice depends upon the blogger himself.

I have been designing several new styles of social media icons lately. Do check them out as well.

Lately, I designed Long shadow social media icons set that looks stunning and you can get them for free. Have a look at the collection and do let us know where you are supposed to put these up. Today I am presenting a new 3d style icon set. This social icon set is available in 4 different styles and one of the style is free to use. They consist of 520 icons. So go and grab the free version.


130-Free-Long-Shadow-3D-Social-Media-Icons-PNG-Vector-Ai-04 130-Free-Long-Shadow-3D-Social-Media-Icons-PNG-Vector-Ai-05 130-Free-Long-Shadow-3D-Social-Media-Icons-PNG-Vector-Ai-02 130-Free-Long-Shadow-3D-Social-Media-Icons-PNG-Vector-Ai-01


Free Social Media Icons:

Available Sizes:  256 px for Dark Backgrounds only

License: Free for personal use only + (Link Back to this Icon Set)

Long Shadow Social Media Icons





Premium Version for only $ 5.00

Available Format:  Vector (.ai) file + PNGs (520 PNG icons)

Available Sizes:  256 px for White & Dark Backgrounds

License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (Link back not required)

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