35 Best Free Social Media Icons Sets for High Quality Websites

Social media icons have now evolved to be the foremost important elements in a blog/website. A blogger cannot imagine expanding his viewership without having displayed social media icons on his blog. Bloggers are eyeballing at the ways to lift up the audiences’ circle. They want to keep the attention of the people locked to their platforms so they would come back over and over again to the website/blog.

The place where social media icons can usually be put is either on the sidebar, on the top header or on the footer of the website where it’s more fitting so people would notice them. The social media icons  should be vocal, pleasing, eye grabbing, enticing, fulfilling and of course fascinating enough to be ticked by the viewer. Their manifestation is as obligatory in a blog these days as to water the plant.

Social media icons  are the straight forward and convenient way to catch more and more onlookers to the platform of a website/blog. They hold a central place and have become an enthralling aspect of the blogs. A graphic designer perceives that social media icons don’t get soften in the website’s theme/background. They should better be popping out and make their presence visible so that people would not ignore to join in the respective podium which is offered by the network of social media icons on the website/blog.

Social media icons are the nitty-gritties of the blog so they must be made aptly. I have designed plenty of social media icons sets so as to meet your needs and today I was hit by an idea to make the whole collection available for you once again where you can choose from plethora of options. This post is all about 35 best free social media icons set for 2014. I am sure this accumulation will help you out picking the coolest icons pack for your blog in 2014. Select the social media icons that don’t get evaporated in the backdrop of your blog’s theme. Have a gaze at the assortment!

Social Media Icons contain the following collection:

  • 1x Icon
  • 500 px Icon
  • Aim App Icon
  • Aim Icon
  • Amazon Icon
  • Android Icon
  • Apple App Store Vector Icon
  • Apple Icon
  • Arto Icon
  • Ask Icon
  • AWS Icon
  • Baidu Icon
  • Basecamp Icon
  • Bebo Icon
  • Behance Icon
  • New Bing Icon
  • Blinklist Icon
  • Blip Icon
  • Blogger Icon
  • Bloglovin Icon
  • Bnter Icon
  • Carbonmade Icon
  • Cloud App Icon
  • Coroflot Icon
  • Creative Commons Icon
  • Delicious Icon
  • Designbump Icon
  • Designfloat Icon
  • Designmoo Icon
  • Deviantart Icon
  • Digg Icon
  • Diigo Icon
  • Dopplr Icon
  • Dribbble Icon
  • Dropbox Icon
  • Dzone Icon
  • Email Icon
  • Etsy Icon

  • Enveto Icon
  • Evernote Icon
  • Facebook Icon
  • Flickr Icon
  • Formspring Icon
  • Forrst Icon
  • Foursquare Icon
  • Foursquare One Icon
  • Friendfeed Icon
  • Friendster Icon
  • Github Icon
  • Goodreads Icon
  • Google Drive Icon
  • Google Icon
  • Google Plus Icon
  • Google Plus One Icon
  • Hyves Icon
  • Hi5 Icon
  • ICQ Icon
  • Identi.ca Icon
  • IMDb Icon
  • Instagram Icon
  • Instapaper Icon
  • iTunes Icon
  • Kik Icon
  • Lastfm Icon
  • Linkedin Icon
  • Livejournal Icon
  • Metacafe Icon
  • Myspace Icon
  • Netvibes Icon
  • New Google Plus Icon
  • Newsvine Icon
  • Ning IconOrkut Icon
  • Path Icon
  • Photobucket Icon
  • Picasa Icon
  • Pinterest Icon
  • Plaxo Icon
  • Plurk Icon

  • Posterous Icon
  • Qik Icon
  • Quora Icon
  • Reddit Icon
  • ReverbNation Icon
  • RSS Icon
  • Sharethis Icon
  • Skype Icon
  • Slashdot Icon
  • Slideshare
  • SmugMug Icon
  • Soundcloud Icon
  • Squarespace Icon
  • Squidoo Icon
  • StumbleUpon Icon
  • Technorati Icon
  • Tout Icon
  • Tribenet Icon
  • Tumblr Icon
  • Twitter Icon
  • Twylah Icon
  • Ustream Icon
  • Viddler Icon
  • Vimeo Icon
  • Vine Icon
  • WordPress Icon
  • Xanga Icon
  • Xing Icon
  • Yahoo Icon
  • Yelp Icon
  • YouTube Icon
  • Zootool Icon

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1. Hand stitch Free Social Media Icons 2014 | Vector Ai + PNGs

These Hand stitch social media icons would add up to the elegance and value of the websites/blogs. They are beautiful and High in quality.

Download link > Social Media Icons



2. 100+ Square Social Media Icons 2014

These social icons will meet the requirements for your blog, they will be vocal, appealing, eye grabbing, fetching, fulfilling and of course intriguing enough to be clicked by the viewer.

Download link > Social Media Icons



3. Neon Lights Free Social Media Icons 2014

Neon colors are always flashy and flamboyant so people actually love these hues to be used in the projects and obviously it will look absolutely unique in your blogs/website.

Download link > Social Media Icons



4. 40 Free Ribbon Social Media Icons for WordPress

Ribbon social media icons will look nice on the sidebar either you have dark background or light. They will stand out and make their appearance noticeable so that people would love to join the podium which is offered by the website/blog.

Download link > Social Media Icons



5. Free Cute Ribbon Social Media Icons

Give a stunning look to your blogs by having these ribbon social icons. You can avail them in email templates too, isn’t amazing? Let’s glorify our blogs and turn them into “worth to watch” platforms.

Download link > Social Media Icons



6. Folded Free Social Media Icons

40 folded social media icons that are absolutely free unique in style will look notable on your blog/website. The blogs and websites having light or dark backgrounds can go very well with these folded social media icons set.

Download link > Social Media Icons



7. Hexagonal Free Social Media Icons 2014

Hexagonal social media icons will standout your blog. These icons will look good on both dark or light themes/backgrounds They look classy, refreshing, lively and as well as simple in appearance.

Download link > Social Media Icons



8. Transparent Social Icons

Give a clean and classy look to your blog by having these transparent social media icons.

Download link > Social Media Icons



9. 40 shaded social media icons

Get a stunning look to your website by applying these social icons. They are available on both black and white background. You can buy the premium file for only $3 on your commercial website.

Download link > Social Media Icons



10. BluRay 3D Social Media Icons

Blu-ray 3D social media icons for which 3D glasses are required. 😉

Download link > Social Media Icons



11. Free Cute Social Media Icons

Websites having cute girly themes and blogs having adorable backgrounds can make use of these cute social media icons. Looks even good on bubbly backgrounds.

Download link > Social Media Icons



12. Long Shadow Simple Social Media Icons

Free long shadow simple social media icons can be used in websites having light textured backgrounds as well as black backgrounds.

Download link > Social Media Icons



13. Free Flat Social Media Icons

Give a pro look to your blogs by applying them.

Download link > Social Media Icons



14. Apple ios7 Social Media Icons

Specially designed for blogs about iphone or technology. Available for both personal and commercial usage.

Download link > Social Media Icons



15. Baked social media icons

Download link > Social Media Icons



16. Professional Social Media Icons

Download link > Social Media Icons



17. Social icons for girls blog

Download link > Social Media Icons



18. Wooden social media icons

Download link > Social Media Icons



19. 100 Free Social Media Logos

Download link > Social Media Icons



20. Retro Free social networking icons

Download link > Social Media Icons



21. Free white premium social networking icons

Download link > Social Media Icons



22. Free hand stitched social networking icons

Download link > Social Media Icons



23. Free Social Media Icons For iPhone Technology

Download link > Social Media Icons



24. Free 3D Silver Black Social Media Icons

Download link > Social Media Icons



25. 20 Free Retro Social Media Icons Set For Pretty Girly Blogs

Download link > Social Media Icons



26. Fat Social Media Icons

Download link > Social Media Icons



27. Free Line art Social Media Icons

Download link > Social Media Icons



28. Free Simple Sleek Social Media Icons

Download link > Social Media Icons



29. Beautiful Ribbon Social Media Icons

Download link > Social Media Icons



30. Free Hand Stitch Social Bookmarking Icons

Download link > Social Media Icons



31. 20 Free Retro Style Old Social Media Icons Set 256 x 256 PNG

Download link > Social Media Icons



32. Free Pink Girly Social media Icons

Download link > Social Media Icons



33. Free Cute Minimalist Social Media Icon Set 256 x 256 PNG

Download link > Social Media Icons



34. Free Vector Round Black Social media icons

Download link > Social Media Icons



35. Free Vector 3d Social Media Icons Pack

Download link > Social Media Icons



36. Social Icons 2016

Download link > Social Icons



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